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Police Torture a Political Prisoner

On 18 November 2008 a copy of a BNP members list was published on the internet, and thus began a train of events that is destined to be one of history’s turning points. It revealed to a trusting public what the authorities are really like. These decent people who are supposed to be looking after our interests now stand exposed as totalitarians who will do anything, however oppressive and tyrannical, to silence dissent.

Innocent members of the public will be surprised at how oppressed the British people are unless they remain quiescent and only do permitted activities like watch telly, support sports teams and go to bars. If they dare speak out or campaign against certain injustices they will be persecuted and even brutalised.

There are many in this country who sincerely believe in freedom and democracy. They frequently gravitate towards the easily-occupied “moral high ground” of condemning racism by whites. But they rarely comprehend that a totalitarian, undemocratic structure has been created to oppress whites. Do they ever stop to think that in the home of the Mother of Parliaments, the Rule of Law and representative democracy the police would torture a political prisoner?

There was even a thinly-veiled incitement to violence from the established media. On 20/11/2008 Mirror columnist Brian Reade wrote, under a picture of Nick Griffin, and in mock-worried tones:-

I’m worried about the 12,000 BNP members whose names and addresses have been leaked on the internet. I pray their details don’t fall into the hands of any of those black radical groups known to take a very dim view of white neo-Nazis. It would be truly awful if anything nasty happened to these nice people wouldn’t it?

In part his wish was realised. In Cheltenham, widow Natalia Colthurst received six threatening calls in which she was asked her name and why she supports the BNP. The caller warned, “We know where you live”. The 72-year-old, who lives in Whaddon Road, was advised by bereavement councillors to join social groups when her husband died in 2006. The former language teacher said after two BNP meetings early last year, she and her elderly friend realised it wasn’t for them and broke with the party.

The house of George and June Papps on Lysons Avenue, Gloucester, was vandalised, with graffiti saying “BNP Scum”, scrawled on a wall. The couple, aged 79 and 77, are both recovering from cancer and said they were singled-out because their son, who has moved away, is a member.

Another eye-opener for trusting members of the public is British bobbies torturing a political prisoner, BNP member Andrew Tierney. He was one of thirteen BNP activists arrested by Merseyside police, from whom fingerprints and DNA were taken to be added to the National Database. The media have not covered this but from the BNP‘s own website and from personal interviews I discovered the reality of what happened.

The victim related: “They then somehow applied a tremendous pressure behind my ears, inflicting great pain. They then pulled my head back so far that my windpipe was restricted, and while I was gasping for air, applied pressure to the front of my neck as well,” he said. Nearly collapsing from the pain and lack of oxygen, he was then unable to prevent the policemen from taking his fingerprints. They put a deep gash in his forehead in the process.

“Next they grabbed hold of my nose, and once again somehow applied the most penetrating pressure to the back of my neck, forcing my mouth open to take a DNA swab,” he continued.

The episode lasted at least a quarter of an hour, and the victim was left shaken and in pain. Photographs taken shortly afterwards clearly showed bleeding from wounds sustained behind both his ears. They applied some kind of pressure to his arms and his side, once again leaving considerable bruising, evidenced again by photographs taken shortly after his release.

This is similar to how the Americans torture political prisoners at Guantanamo Bay:-

“The military police inflicted so much pain, Mr Aamer said he thought he was going to die. The MPs pressed on pressure points all over his body: his temples, just under his jawline, in the hollow beneath his ears. They choked him. They bent his nose so hard he thought it would break.”

Here is a technical analysis of what they did to the political prisoner in Liverpool: they were applying pressure to the transverse processes of the first cervical vertebra. It’s taught as a pressure point in both Karate and Ju-jitsu, either to strike at, or press, to break a grip or grapple.

You may cause the atlanto-occipital joint to cavitate by doing this which is like cracking the knuckles, except that as this done at the base of the skull it will probably frighten anyone who doesn’t understand what is going on. They might think their neck has been broken!

“They then pulled my head back so far that my windpipe was restricted, and while I was gasping for air, applied pressure to the front of my neck as well,” he said. Nearly collapsing from the pain and lack of oxygen. He was then unable to prevent the policemen from taking his fingerprints.

Pulling the head back forcefully can and will break the neck. You will either die very quickly or become paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair for life or tetraplegic like Christopher Reeve, depending on the location of the fracture and how far any bone fragments from the vertical lamina enter the spinal cord itself. Attacking the trachea in the manner described can also be fatal, but a fatality is more likely to occur from a violent blow rather than pressure. It’s not so much the collapse of the trachea but disruption to the baro receptors located at the bifurcation of the carotid artery. These control blood pressure to the brain and, if sufficiently traumatised, can shut off blood supply to the brain permanently.

“Next they grabbed hold of my nose, and once again somehow applied the most penetrating pressure to the back of my neck, forcing my mouth open to take a DNA swab.”

Again, very dangerous. It depends exactly where the pressure is applied, but a broken neck or avulsion of the dens could occur. The dens is a little bit of bone about the size of the last phalange of your little finger that acts as a pivot for the heads rotation. It is sometimes avulsed or pulled off in whiplash victims. It sits just posterior to the brain stem, in the area where breathing is regulated, so you don’t want a broken dens shoved through that particular area!”

This action from a Police Officer can only be justified in a desperate one-on-one struggle with a bigger and stronger opponent, but is not appropriate for a custody suite. Either the Police have a lack of understanding of the potential dangers of their action, in which case their training needs to be revised, or they were deliberately reckless. It is easy to see how people can be killed in police custody.

In addition a 70 year-old man, Arnold Briddle, was refused his prescribed medication for third-stage renal failure. Merseyside Police could have murdered two people quite easily that night!

This all started on Saturday the 22nd of November when Liverpool’s political police arrested the thirteen BNP members for distributing Racism Cuts Both Ways (PDF) leaflets, which is, of course, not illegal! They also ransacked their homes. Police refused to tell friends and relatives when they would be released. The men were interviewed under caution under section 19 of the Public Order Act.

There is more to this than meets the eye. It is the start of a coordinated policy of harassment across the country.

There were a lot more out leafleting than thirteen but the police only arrested the people who had the “Racism cuts both ways leaflet” at that precise moment. Those at St. Annes Street police station were released between one and two in the morning. As their colleagues had not been released from other stations they went in Convoy to Wavertree Police station the area which is akin to Pakistanistan.

Outside Wavertree police station there was one of those caught-on-camera yellow police vans watching them, whilst cars full of Asians raced up and down Wavertree Road at speed beeping their horns and shouting obscenities at us while the police did nothing. It is illegal to beep a horn after 11pm at night.

Furthermore, Police at the Wavertree Road Police station have asked that all British National Party activists refrain from displaying British Flags as it is likely to cause “offence” to the ethnics in the area. They have advised that the display of the St. George cross and Welsh flags Cross of St. David & Welsh Dragon, in particular would give offence!

A victim related: “I was arrested, first time ever (I never even ever had a detention in school). The police were awful to us, they did nothing but lie and treat us like rubbish. They made a 64 year old sleep on a wood bench, denied an elderly chap with medical problems his medication saying “You will be alright till tomorrow”. Supporters from around the country arrived and demonstrated outside the stations, but as they left the city they were stopped and harassed by the police. If you want to know how low the police have sunk one of those arrested was wearing his regimental blazer and medals! They intend to take Merseyside police to law for unlawful imprisonment.

Less than two weeks after Merseyside Police had tortured Andy Tierney they raided the home and business premises of his brother, the famous Liverpool entrepreneur Peter “Quiggens” Tierney. “They said they were looking for guns,” Mr Tierney, who was also one of the original thirteen, said. “I knew that it was rubbish, because we have never had anything like that. It was obviously just an attempt at intimidation and revenge harassment after their political agenda blew up in their faces last week.” The police officers used sniffer dogs to search Mr Tierney’s house, garden and shop. When he asked if they had any justification for their actions they threatened to arrest him if he did not “shut up.”

A few months earlier, Peter and a couple of colleagues had been harassed by armed police while leafletting in Liverpool city centre:-

An apposite comparison for the BNP is with the Tolpuddle Martyrs and the oppression they were subjected to by the Regime of the time - it bears close comparison with the tyrannical behavior of Merseyside police. The Tolpuddle Martyrs “crime” was to try to start an organisation to represent their interests against a class bent on their ruin.

This applies to the BNP. The leaflet the “elites” want to suppress argues for parity in the consideration of racist attacks on innocent people. There are manifold explicitly racist crimes committed by ethnics on the indigenous population, encouraged by the victim complex which has been instilled in them by the state which stirs them up by relentlessly blaming whites for the slave trade, the Empire and even portrays “racism” as an exclusively white phenomenon.

The most evil example was Kriss Donald which was kept quiet by the media for years. It was an attack of which there is no white-on-black equivalent and which was far more brutal than the murder of Steven Lawrence (which has never been proved to have been a racist attack).

Unprovoked racist attacks by ethnic minorities on indigenous Britons are commonplace and the urban indigenous population know this as a simple fact. The bias in law (PDF) is perverse and unjust. The sovereignty of Parliament rests on its own resistance to laws it considered immoral during the Civil War, from this precedent not only are all Britons entitled to resist laws which are unjust but they are duty bound to do so in the defence of liberty, freedom and the sovereignty of the British people. Even to the extent of armed resistance in the last resort.

The common perception among dissident groups is that the Establishment is knowingly evil and corrupt. The kind explanation is that the core beliefs of the Establishment lend their actions an internal logic and, by their standards, virtue. For example if you accept that racism is the supreme evil as the Establishment does, then is not persecuting racists a noble and necessary activity?

Well no, because those who are negatively labelled “racists,” to dehumanise them so they can be brutalised and not worry anyone's conscience, are not harming anyone but, on the contrary, are being harmed - pushed out of their communities and denied employment as cheap labour is imported. They are trying to defend themselves, their children, their communities and that cannot be wrong.

The Establishment’s descent into tyranny and persecution is a symptom of an ideology in its death throes, where it exponentially multiplies internal contradictions and fossilises into a simplistic and irrational dogma. We saw similar phenomenon in the final stages of fascism and communism. Of course we have to allow for our own pre-conceptions and the distorting effect of our own beliefs when assessing the morality of the Establishment’s actions. But even then it is clear that they are becoming increasingly aggressive and totalitarian as their values are been shown to be false. And as they are persecuting people, they are culpable, not misguided.

Our authorities are in league with Muslims against us. There are even members of al-Qaeda serving in the police. Yet BNP members are persecuted for distributing leaflets that are lawful, as later attested by the Attorney General. The BNP may well have intolerant and unattractive elements, but it is far preferable to a government which is undoubtedly both and also genocidal and incompetent. People are, generally, encouraged by the media to believe that members of the Establishment are partisan but fundamentally decent people. I think they are thoroughly evil. The “fundamental goodness” is a pretence … pure media propaganda. They are far more evil than any BNP leader who, in his most unguarded and unwise moments, has shown more naivety than wickedness.
Post Script: later the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police admitted Liability and Merseyside Police agreed to pay each person arrested the sum of about £2200!







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