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The Wind of Changing Consciousness

American commentator Brenda Walker wrote: "If there is anything that should make Americans' blood run cold about immigration, it is the sight of Europe—and Britain, the home of Western civilization—being buried by millions of Muslim colonists. Europe is just hoping against hope that Islam isn't going to explode into massive rioting (or worse), or impose total cultural Islamification. Major Jihadist terror occurred in London July 7, 2005, killing 52 and injuring 700 and in Madrid March 11, 2004, killing 191 and injuring 1841. Yet cowardly politicians continue policies of appeasement, which hostile Muslims correctly apprise as the fatal weakness of a culture too pacified to defend itself. " (1)

What she does not know is that there is a change of consciousness spreading through Britain as we realise that we are being discriminated against by our elected representatives. People can find no work, and one reason they have now understood is that foreigners are brought in as cheap labour to undercut wages. (2)

People are realising that the main parties, the media, academics and corporations are promoting an agenda which is destroying them. Politicians are effectively at war with them, and slowly the realisation is dawning. People hear them degrading white children as “chavs” and “yobs” while praising ethnics. They see their communities turned from safe areas into places of fear and uncertainty. They see politician’s children sent to the best schools while theirs have to risk knife gangs from imported ethnic communities.

With a change of consciousness comes a revival of spirit which the elites have been trying to stifle in Brits. But the Three Lions roared in Luton against the Muslims who insulted our brave soldiers!

They roared against our land being taken in the Cambridge village of Cottenham. An an unlikely place for an old-fashioned revolt against authority. But earlier this year, some 1,000 residents declared they would withhold their council tax until something was done about the travellers on the outskirts.

For decades there have been Gypsy communities living legally on two sites for 30 or so families near the village. Then, at Easter 2003, the site grew as a number of Irish Traveller families arrived in the area.

Local tensions rose, as villagers believed their way of life under threat. Angry residents demanded answers and established a campaigning website, Middle England in Revolt." (3)
But now politicians are beginning to lose confidence:

Hazel Blears panicked: "The British National Party has made advances because mainstream political parties, including Labour, have abandoned sections of the white working class, ignoring people’s needs while taking their votes for granted." Blears argues “Shouting ‘Nazi’ is not the answer.” (4)

The media, who are still shouting Nazi, are part of the same “ideological caste”. They give a false view of reality, employing words that become part of habitual thinking. The term “odious” is so often applied to the BNP that people probably think its part of their name!

They, and those who still believe them, affect moral superiority, confident that they are following the Orthodoxy, while we are lectured on our wickedness.

Aggressive TV interviewers like Jeremy Paxman hold media Inquisitions of dissenters in what are effectively show trials as they cross-examine in a bid to make them submit. Those who err are publicly persecuted and subject to public humiliation.

It works whether or not the persecuted are definitively native Britons. It’s about opinions which can be presented as axiomatic examples of “white racism”. So, Jade Goody, who was one-quarter black, was clamorously persecuted by the media for her on-screen faux-pas, and so was the half-Iranian from “The Apprentice” TV program. This sort of thing serves to keep the rest of us obedient. After all, multi-racial society is fragile. It is always ready to explode. It only seems to work through oppression, persecution, totalitarian laws, a politicised police and the media covering up race-crimes against whites.

All this the people are beginning to see.

Education is being “dumbed down”, and this, too, is becoming too obvious to hide. It isn’t done just so everyone passes. In certain subjects only some aspects are taught, as with the concentration upon Hitler and the Holocaust in the teaching of World War II.

The main thing, apparently, is to develop the correct attitudes. White children are indoctrinated to reject their identity, to be ashamed of their history and, if at all possible, to slander themselves and internalise racial guilt. Meanwhile, the children of immigrants imported for cheap labour and to replace us learn how “racist” and “evil” our ancestors were. They learn to silence protest with a word only applied to us - racist. That demonstrates perfectly where the discrimination really lies. It prevents us objecting to the cheap labour that is destroying children’s futures. The entrance figures for law and medical schools show that Asian are pushing indigenous students out.

The rulers don’t know where they are going and are confused. All that saves them from public obloquy is that the media are part of the same “Ideological caste” and, as long as they don’t say the wrong thing, cover up for them. The government have the means to protect our borders because they police Iraq and Afghanistan. But they don’t want to. The media covers by telling us that the politicians have lost control of the orders. No, they have not. They want immigrants to flood in, which is why they advertise for them to come here in our overseas embassies. It is why the British Council trains young Africans in our ways and uproots them from their own villages and communities.

Our politicians are effeminate and rule by deceit. They even deceive themselves because they are not manly enough to face things. This is why they become hysterical when the BNP expose what is really going on. They are still fighting the last war. The pejoratives they use to cow people paint a nightmare vision of what will happen if we cease to follow them. It is as out of date as they are - “Nazism”, “white supremacy”, “fascism”.

All this is, though, is becoming obvious to people.
Politicians and TV are constantly being nice to ethnics because they have lost power and know they will not be obeyed. If any ethnic is involved in a cultural activity or a sport there is always an adjective of praise in front of the name. They start from that point. Wishful thinking overrides analysis.

They don’t have to face the consequences of their inadequacy if they build up a bogey world of what will ensue if we try to deal with their bias against us and also think our culture is so wonderful the whole world will be swayed by it but at the same time want to bring everyone here through advertising in our embassies abroad and through the British Council.

Those granted asylum seekers get priority over British people. When they arrive they are homeless. So Brits on the waiting list may live in overcrowded conditions or in squalor, or may have a health priority such as spores from black mould in the house getting on their childrens’ lungs. But they will be classed as having a home and so are abandoned.

Asylum getters have their houses fitted out with every thing they need: brand new and with a guarantee. There is a free car because its cheaper than paying for taxis for them. Indigenous people are advised to use public transport, but not asylum seekers.

A young women I know was given a temporary, emergency house, called a “dispersal property” and reserved for asylum seekers. She was told that not to use one of the rooms, because there was damaged furniture in it - she checked. The room was full of things that are used to entice asylum seekers to come, including, phone, large flat screen television, pots and pans, blankets, recordable DVD player, X box, play station and a Wi, a box full of various game and music DVD’s in various languages.

Think what you would have to buy for your self and children if you were moving into a empty house to make a home? They also get free phone calls from land-line and mobile to anywhere around the world. They even have to have to be provided with an empty room as a childrens’ play room. Don’t believe me? Go to any council estate and talk to a local. When the asylum van rolls up, locals say, “ It’s Christmas come early - as long as your not British!"

Two telling examples of the new spirit presented themselves when Daily Mail columnists Melannie Phillips and Peter Hitchins respectively attacked the BNP. Each had over two hundred comments, of which the great majority criticised them. Even at the Guardian, it is interesting to see how articles attacking the BNP are themselves attacked by some CiF commenters, and even more interesting that the reader “commend clicks” for these commenters far outnumber those for the anti-BNP misery bags.

Our view of reality is largely created for an ulterior purpose by the media. We are trained to think that defending our communities is “white supremacy.” I don’t think I was born when that was in any sense real! They are thinking of the Ku Klux Klan, of course. But what have unemployed Brits to do with the KKK?

Its’ simply one more cruel, spiteful insult for the victims of multi-racialism. For years the evil elites stopped criticism of importing cheap labour by labelling those who had fought in WWII or lost family in that fight as Nazis. What vile, evil people our rulers are to do that to people who only want to preserve their jobs and communities! But this is not going unseen.

Decades of toxic social, economic and educational policy have made white people less able to compete against migrant groups with strong ideologies like Islam. A moral relativist culture of tolerance could never stand up against people who are organised, protected by family values, with a coherent and radicalising religion. But the desire to redeem our declining civilisation exists. No matter that the elites makes so much effort to destroy our organic culture and re-culture us for globalism. No matter that historicists hold our collapse to be inevitable, the will to survive is reviving from the bottom.

The role of a healthy art now, would be to introduce an understanding of our spiritual and social oppression into traditional forms. Our culture, our civilisation grows from us and we grown in it in reciprocal relation. One thing that is essential in a community is musical performances. I am not a Soviet Marxist-Leninist offering blueprints that lead to people being forced to conform to politicheskaya pravil’nost, but here are some suggestions to consider.(5)

We should form local folk groups and book rooms in local pubs, put on local festivals and feasts. Since the totalitarian ban on smoking in pubs many have been forced to close and those remaining need trade.

That we are being oppressed by our rulers is a subject for community songs. There is precedent in our Ballads of Robin Hood, and even in some of the early and, obviously, commercial work by Bob Dylan. For example, his “A Hard Rains A-Gonna fall” is developed from the traditional Border Ballad, “Lord Randall”, and gives an idea of how to express contemporary evils at the hands of the authorities:-

“O where ha you been, Lord Randal, my son?
And where ha you been, my handsome young man?”
“I ha been at the greenwood; mother, make my bed soon,
For I’m wearied wi hunting, and fain wad lie down.”

In Dylan:-

“Oh, were have you been, my blue-eyed son?
Oh, were have you been my darling young one?
I’ve stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains,
I’ve walked and I’ve crawled on six crooked highways,
I’ve stepped in the middle of seven sad forests
I’ve been out in front of a dozen dead oceans,
And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, etc …

Dylan used traditional forms to carry the contemporary thoughts and emotions felt by people across the world. The Dylan piece suggests how we can re-link with our musical origins and they express contemporary evils visited upon us by the corrupt politicians who hoodwink us into voting for them by pretending they are looking after our interests.

When we were homogenous we had a mutual trust that allowed us to be civil to one another but now civic society is quashed by state controls. This civility took centuries to grow but the progressives have destroyed that and it takes a totalitarian structure and political police to keep things together and we are reverting to a more primitive type.

The new spirit is hopeful not moaning - people do not want to associate with people they perceive as losers who cannot compete and cope.

The relationship of the populace to political representatives is one of trust. Politicians are not educated to it like professional people nor is it inherited as with monarchs and aristocrats but they offer us something and ask us to trust them but now know they have broken it.

The country we have inherited is being taken off us bit by bit and by subterfuge of the rulers. The ethnics are not passive objects but flesh and blood people like us. The con-trick is that the rulers have entered a compact with ethics but lie to us by saying what we know is happening is not happening and those who are coming to take our children’s inheritance are merely improving our lives. Our elected representatives are traitors to rank beside any in British history. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and break our child-like dependence on them. What can we do for ourselves?

A young couple I know bought a lump of ground to create a vegetable garden to help free them from the tyranny of supermarkets, others take on allotments. These things could be organised by local branches but require proper legal arrangements to avoid conflict over people trying to take things for themselves.

Gypsies are taking charge of their own destinies and buying our land. They buy it from farmers cash down, then they pile in. but the authorities are faced with a fait accompli. They stand up for themselves and are self-reliant. We must develop a variant on these and take proper advice. here is an idea:

In The Spectator of 17th December 2005, Conservative philosopher, Roger Scruton told of how he and his community were buying land and letting to local farmers:-

“Rural residents must therefore take power into their own hands, and it is encouraging that they have already done this in the matter of the Hunting Act, holding this law to ridicule by showing that it cannot be enforced. It is now time for them to exercise their power in other and more demanding ways… Neighbours should club together to buy small parcels of land from any desperate farming neighbour, thereafter renting it back to him at a peppercorn rent. This we have done in our neighbourhood, so saving ourselves both from travellers and agribusiness, by injecting needed capital into a family farm.”

(1) Dead Culture Walking: Muslim Colonization Of Europe Should Frighten America, Brenda Walker 26/03/09 -,



The next March Bank Holiday Sunday the 24th May 5pm St Georges Square, Luton. The whole country witnessed the hate hurled at the soldiers’ homecoming! Two of their regiment died in Iraq and they were met with what the other side in both that war and the war on our streets think of them.



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