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The Hatred Behind a Mask of Tolerance

Radio 4 programme Analysis, “Who’s Afraid of the BNP”, which was presented on 28 September 2009, started from the biased position – How can we stop them? Presented by Kenan Malik, there was no objective examination of the party. Rather, labels were used to dehumanise — which is what they accuse the BNP of doing to people of other races.

The people interviewed were all against the BNP apart from two brief contributions from Nick Griffin. The representatives of the elites constantly dehumanised their victims with the fashionable negative labels “racism” and “far-right.” The only concession was to “let them have their say and they will make fools of themselves.” The question was should they tolerate the BNP or not? Despite speaking with apparent certainty they never asked what the BNP actually stands for!

To avoid being smeared or persecuted, whites have to be passive (tolerant) and allow themselves to be dispossessed and their children disinherited. The attacks on anyone who says the wrong thing or points out a truth are always hysterical as if the truth must be kept out of mind at all costs. This has always been the reaction — panic and hysteria — to silence truth. Enoch Powell was treated in the same way — no attempt to disprove his arguments or show where he was wrong — just accusations of “racism,” and sacking him from the Shadow Cabinet. They ignored his arguments but attacked the language he used and because they were too frightened to talk about it they blamed him. Why did they not want to discuss it? Why did they close ranks on him? They must have known what was happening the same as he did. He was too clever for them so they said he was mad!
In October, wildlife experts condemned a cull of parakeets on the ludicrous grounds that parakeets are “as British as curry” and shooting them would be racist. This shows how meaningless the word “racism” is.

The dehumanising attacks on us takes peoples’ attention from the elite’s hidden agenda. As far back as 11 December 2007 it was revealed that more than a million of the new jobs created in the previous decade were taken by foreign workers. A specific example was in the Daily Telegraph of 26 January 2008 when Avon Fire Service excluded white men from a recruitment drive.

Even a social-Conservative view is now taboo; a decent traditional patriotism is demonised as “far-right.” They slot any one who does not submit into the negative role in their pre-existing ideology.

Conservative leader David Cameron slandered BNP members as “Nazi thugs” dressed up in suits. What is his hidden agenda? This is it: “We have a responsibility to change to accommodate immigrants so they fit in.” This is why the Conservative Muslim Forum and the Muslim Council of Britain are emboldened to demand that Britain change to take account of their ways. Furthermore, deceitful Cameron now tells us we will be refused a referendum on the submission to the EU in the Lisbon Treaty. The biggest stitch-up in European history and he calls other people fascists?

Those who call for control and common sense in open-door immigration are demonised as “Nazis” and “Racists by the dominant crypto-Communists, and the New Left which took over in the 70s. This is highly offensive as many lost family fighting Nazism and we have a long and noble tradition of conserving our homogeneity from centuries before Hitler was born.

I looked in The Spectator of 26th September and was embarrassed at the humdrum thinking of political editor Fraser Nelson. It was a copy book example of the how the opinion formers are living in the past:”When Hitler started National Socialism in Germany it started off with 2 percent of the vote. So I don’t think you can write the BNP off on account of its small support. And these sinister theories of racial purity or segregation are not uncommon.”

He used the obligatory mindless clichés:” …Britain is the most tolerant country on earth and the BNP’s racist agenda repels people. It is, fundamentally, un-British. We are, through empire, the original multi-ethnic state and today’s young people judge racist arguments as being more bizarre than repugnant.”
He makes assumptions which show his own narrowminded prejudices: “… To look at a person’s skin, and think ‘you don’t belong here’ — even if they are third generation British — is abhorrent to me. The BNP has cleverly learned to bury these racist sentiments beneath legitimate concerns about immigration.” When the opinion formers look at a person’s skin they see cheap labour and costs of eating in restaurants kept down!

He talks as if everything is going well but that is not supported by the majority of the evidence such as the separate development in areas like Brixton and Bradford. The widespread building of mosques shows immigrants are not integrating but developing apart from the host communities.

The great paradox is that these faux liberals slot everything into their old-fashioned “Nazi” stereotype while they are acting like intolerant totalitarians. Throughout history, certain groups have been excluded from jobs. Once it was Catholics, then in France it was the Huguenots; in the last century, first the Kulaks in Russia, the Jews in Germany, and in Pol Pot’s Cambodia it was academics and the middle class who were excluded because they were despised by the ruling elites.

In contemporary Britain it is BNP members who are persecuted — they are already banned from joining the police, and soon possibly from becoming teachers. The victims change and the oppressors change but it is the same principle. The sickening thing is the writers like Fraser Nelson, who justify the persecution and pretend they are tolerant but that the group they victimise are intolerant. A woman on the above-mentioned Analysis radio programme berated the BNP for their lack of tolerance then said they should be banned!

Harriet Harman, a man hater, is in a time warp. She told the recent Labour conference: “The BNP pretend they’ve changed, pretend they’re respectable… They’re still the same party that wanted the Nazis to win the war. They’re still the same party whose constitution excludes from membership anyone who is not ‘indigenous Caucasian’. It’s right that the new Equality Bill will ban that clause. There can be no place in our democracy for an apartheid party.”
But her Equality law gives preferential treatment in law to women and ethnics over white males! These are the most racist laws since Hitler’s Nuremburg Laws. Don’t these people know that Sir Winston Churchill tried to introduce a bill to control immigration in 1955? He wanted the Conservatives to adopt the slogan “Keep England White” as Harold Macmillan noted in his diary entry for 20th February 1955. It is recorded in his biography At the End of the Day. The Establishment pretend that those who want common sense in immigration follow Hitler when we actually follow Churchill. It is only since the elites began breaking the native British down to impose their ideology of “anti-racism” on us to legitimise their replacing our communities with immigrants and importing cheap labour that the natural way of thinking has been persecuted.
Home Secretary Alan Johnson has stated that he would not debate with someone he considers to be a racist. What does Johnson’s false morality hide? In July Johnson said: “I do not lie awake at night worrying about a population of 70 million.” He said he is “happy” living in a multicultural ­society and called for more ­foreign workers to come to Britain. What is behind the false morality — importing cheap labour for corporations and for people like himself to employ? When Frank Field MP appeared on The Moral Maze a couple of years ago he told the panel, who support immigration straight, they are the types who benefit from cheap labour!

They hide their real intentions behind the accusations against others of “racism” and “intolerance” but are themselves “racist” and “intolerant” but of whites not the ethnics with which they are replacing us. Jack Straw described the English as not worth saving. On 16 November 2004 he wrote to the Independent stating that to call him a Trotskyist was “a malicious libel.” He indicated that his political sympathies and training could be traced back to Stalinism. Trevor Phillips of the Stalinist English Human Rights Commission shares this view and has a bust of Lenin on his desk to prove it!

It is an all-party prejudice as William Hague said: “English nationalism is the most dangerous of all forms of nationalism that can arise within the United Kingdom, because England is five-sixths of the population of the UK.”
Universities are cutting back on indigenous students and replacing them with overseas students and also teaching Iranians nuclear physics. The Foreign Office allows “dozens” of Iranians to enter Britain to study advanced nuclear physics, electrical and chemical engineering and microbiology. These subjects could be applied to developing weapons of mass destruction. Many scientists from hostile countries have studied here. An Iraqi, Rihab Taha, studied at the University of East Anglia and later became a microbiologist involved in Saddam Hussein’s biological weapons programme.

Strangely, after the horrors of the last war, anti-Semitism is returning but with multi-racialists. In a November 2001interview in The Telegraph, Ken Livingstone called on the police to be lenient to those immigrants who fought against British troops: “We’ve got to accept that these people went off because of a deep sense of injustice about what’s happening in Israel and the West Bank.” The West should understand that they and the al-Qaeda network feed off a genuine injustice in the Middle East. Mayor Livingstone invited back cleric Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi who described Palestinian suicide bombers in Israel as martyrs. The Crown Prosecution Service said there was not enough evidence to prosecute him on the grounds of his speeches.

Commenting on Israel, Cherie Blair stated that she “…understands how people are driven to suicide bombing.” Her half-sister Lauren denounced Jewish people to a Muslim audience in Blackburn in January. In “The Muslim March the BBC didn’t want you to see”, she was filmed by intrepid BNP members denouncing first Israel then Jewish people in general.

For making general comments on Arabs, the BBC sacked Robert Kilroy-Silk, yet, signed on the former editor-in-chief of Al-Jazeera.
In an openly anti-Semitic plea to the Muslim community to support Labour, Government minister Mike O’Brien wrote in Muslim World, in early 2005, that “The government has obediently introduced controversial legislation (The law against religious hatred) at the behest of Muslim leaders.” The article also implied that Muslims should not vote for Michael Howard because he is Jewish.
O’Brien boasted, “When the Americans and Israelis refused to negotiate with Yasser Arafat, Tony Blair promptly sent myself as the Foreign Office Minister, to visit Yasser Arafat in the Muquata in Ramallah to convey the message that we had not abandoned him. Tony Blair’s message was clear: we will work with the elected leader of the Palestinians, even if the Americans will not. On the issue of the assassination of the leaders of Hamas, Jack Straw as the Foreign Secretary was the first Western politician to condemn Israel’s actions.”
In November 2003, the European Union’s “Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia” suppressed a report on the rise of anti-Semitism. The survey had found “many anti-Semitic incidents were carried out by Muslim and pro-Palestinian groups,” and so a “political decision” was taken not to publish it because of “fears that it would increase hostility towards Muslims.”

Over 3000 Al-Qaeda terrorists trained in Afghanistan are living here and more enter every day. There are terror cells right across Britain as shown by the locations of police raids following the bombings. The 7th July terrorist attacks and the failed suicide bombings two weeks later; the riots in Sweden, France and here, are part of a religious war against Europe and Jewish people. It has been reported that at least eight al-Qaeda members are serving in the British police.

The prospect of widespread Holocausts becomes very real with Turkey joining the EU and the 12 million North African Muslims Sarkozy and David Milliband are bringing in under the Barcelona Agreement. That is without the 50 million Africans the EU want to bring here as cheap labour.

As for Turkey, their prime minister encourages hatred of Israel in speeches which becomes anti-Semitic abuse or even actions among the public. The Israeli consulate in Istanbul is constantly besieged by crowds shouting against Israel and Jewish people. In the streets people shout “Kill Jews,” “Kill Israel,” “Israel should no longer exist in the Middle East,” and “Stop Israeli Massacre.” The elites are importing this anti-Semitism into Britain and the rest of Europe. No wonder they accuse others of “Nazism” and “Holocaust denial” when they are importing new Holocausts! The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a bestseller in Turkey, and Palestine was once part of the Ottoman Empire. It is clear that Western elites want to see Israel destroyed because with Turkey and North Africa in Europe the anti-Israeli movement in the EU will be very powerful.

As it is whites and European Jewish communities under attack from the nexus of western elites and Muslim extremists, the BNP must set up committees to liaise with our Jewish communities for mutual defence against this imported Jihad.

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