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The Invited Conquest

The ruling elite have different approaches towards white Britons and immigrants on a number of issues, but the most disturbing of all is the psychological warfare waged against indigenous British people. Their main tactic consists of trying to generate a sense of guilt and a feeling of “having wronged others” amongst our people — while at the same time ensuring that we are blamed for all ills affecting any other ethnic group.

For example, the recent Channel 4 show, The Event: How Racist Are You? presented only white people as the “racists” and blacks and Asians as victims. It really does seem that the ruling elite will not be happy until all white people have been cleansed from Britain or savagely murdered, as is happening in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Why do the media and MPs like Barry Gardiner get so hysterical about truthful people (such as South Wales’ Roger Phillips in his excellent video “BNP: The True Face of Immigration”)?

The Mr Gardiners of the world get so hysterical because videos like that expose clearly how they have lied to their own people. Indigenous British people have been pushed out of their communities by force of numbers. Young British people have had to face unfair competition for jobs from imported cheap labour.

Such videos show the ruling elite for what they are — cheats and liars. They have cowed critics with accusations of “racism” and in that way have ensured that whole areas have been taken over by aliens. All the while, the elites continue to live in “good” areas and send their children to the best schools.

As the popular clamour for fair play grows, the establishment has become more oppressive. In Italy, for example, a court recently reduced an African-origin murderer’s prison sentence because he had a genetic strand called MAOA which made him “genetically predisposed to violence.” Critics have pointed out that this could be used to argue that genes determine behaviour. This allegation did not deter the liberal judges — it seems that they believe in race when it is to the advantage of immigrants, but when “our” people mention the topic we are met with vilification.

In Britain, newspapers announced earlier this year that a new security strategy to “tackle extremists is to focus on White racists.” This followed an order to the police to “go easy” on Muslim terrorists. Scotland Yard claimed that “far right” groups could be planning a terrorist “spectacular” to stoke up racial tensions. I wouldn’t put it past security services to do one and blame the “far-right.”

Met Commander Shaun Sawyer signalled the complicity of the security services with Muslim extremists when he told the Muslim Safety Forum at the beginning of July this year that security services would focus on “whites.” He knew that in January 2009, the head of domestic security service MI-5 had revealed that 2,000 people in Britain were involved with to Islamist terrorist plots and many more support terrorism through fundraising and propaganda. From September 11, 2001 to the end of March 2008, British authorities arrested 1,471 Muslims for terrorism-related offences.

In spite of all of this, the police have increased the number of officers in a special unit monitoring “rightwing extremists.” Facts and figures aside, they appear to genuinely regard a lone crank as more important than the thousands and thousands of Islamistis running free in Britain.

In 2007, a newspaper reported on how identified al-Qaeda supporters had been employed by the police. “Eight Al Qaeda fanatics working for the police (but they don’t dare sack them),” read the headline.

Incredibly, it is official police policy to alert “Muslim community leaders” before they raid premises in the search for explosives and terrorists. They even put little booties on explosive-sniffing dogs so as “not to offend” the suspected terrorists. One has to wonder on whose side the security services and the police are?

The New Local Government Network report, titled Reassessing Prevent, adds to the creation of a climate of persecution of patriots. It shifts the terrorist threat to the BNP because of their election success in the European elections as well as their 55 local councillors.

Apparently this “underlines the fact that racial hatred and extremist ideology is not limited to any one faith or community.”

Comparing a defence of your children and communities with terrorism shows the corrupt minds of establishment propagandists like Anna Turley, author of the report. She said: “While Islamist extremism remains a very serious threat to our security, this kind of extremism is not the only threat to the stability and security of our communities.”

Why do the security services and police cover up Muslim extremism? Here is a clue: former Italian President Francesco Cossiga admitted in the Italian paper Corriere della Sera in 2008, that in the 1970s, the Italian government allowed Arab terrorist groups freedom of movement in the country in exchange for immunity from attacks.

The government of Prime Minister Aldo Moro reached a “secret non-belligerence pact between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organizations, including terrorist groups.” It was Moro who designed the terms of the agreement with the foreign Arab terrorists, Cossiga said.

“The terms of the agreement were that the Palestinian organizations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country, and they had freedom of entry and exit without being subject to normal police controls, because they were ‘handled’ by the secret services.”

As Interior Minister, Cossiga said that PLO members in Italy had diplomatic immunity as representatives of the Arab League. “The Palestinian organizations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country.”

Muslim terrorists were welcomed into Britain and did not need to answer questions or to show papers. This began under Thatcher who herself lived safely in a gated community. They got free education, free health care even when they openly developed terrorist cells and trained bombers for active service in other parts of the world. Few have legal entitlement to enter this country but are allowed to stay and provided extra benefits we do not get like free cars, mobile phones and decorated houses.

This was after the London bombing of 7/7 and without it al-Qeeda could not have got into the West to launch bombing attacks like those in London and Madrid. The authorities know what they are doing.

During the protests in Luton when Muslim extremists shouted abuse at the homecoming parade of the Royal Anglian Regiment, the police arrested a white protester but allowed the Muslims to abuse the soldiers.

Eight young Muslim terrorists on active service from Birmingham, London and Luton, were arrested in Aden in December 1998, planning terror attacks against British targets. The security services then claimed they had no idea that Muslim soldiers were being recruited in British mosques and trained in terror camps. Do we believe them?

As far back as 1999, it was reported that around 2,000 British Muslims were being trained in British terror camps, mainly in London and Birmingham. As well as studying holy war, the trainees were taught hand-to-hand combat, survival skills for guerrilla warfare and advised to get real military training in war zones like the Yemen and Afghanistan. Many do, because Birmingham accents have been picked up there by RAF Nimrod aircraft.

British-based Muslim terrorists operate abroad but still the authorities bring them here. For example, in December 2001, Richard Reid a supporter of al-Qaeda tried to detonate a shoe-bomb on a Paris to Miami aeroplane. In 2002, Ahmed Sheik, organised the kidnap and murder of Daniel Pearl in Pakistan.

Mohammed Hanif and Omar Shariff were involved in a suicide bomb attack in Tel Aiv. Abu Qatada ran the Spanish, Milan and German al-Qaeda cells from London.

British-based terrorists have carried out operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Spain, and America. Many governments such as Jordanian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Spanish, French, and American have protested against our elites allowing the Islamist terrorist infrastructure in this country and refusing to extradite wanted operatives.

The American Heritage Foundation regards Britain as a terrorist danger. How have we allowed our establishment to drag us down to that level?

The Muslim community shelters extremists and illegal immigrants as they did the murderers of Kriss Donald and the media aid and abet them by covering up the facts of such cases.

Palestinian mores glorify suicide bombers as ‘ Shahid ‘ or martyrs and terrorism is part of the Palestinian mentality. Many British Muslims hero worship them. In Britain they are bombers because of ideology, not social conditions, and are usually middle class Muslims born and educated in Britain. This is an “enemy within” that does not have to invade because it was imported by the elites who pour taxpayers’ money into their communities such as Bradford, Burnley, Oldham and Keighley.

At Shehzad Tanweer’s memorial funeral in his home village in Pakistan, an estimated 10,000 mourners chanted Jihad, Jihad, Jihad and eulogised the suicide bomber.

On 27 July 2005, BBC reporter Phil Mackie admitted on Radio 5 Brian Hayes 10 pm programme that the BBC censors the truth about Muslims and that the BBC is selective in its broadcasting of Muslim statements. The function of the media is to prepare the public for whatever measures the establishment plan to further the Muslim extremists’ interests.

The elites treat us as enemy and scapegoat us when the multi-racial dream falters. The hysterical reports blaming Ulster people for the disputes with Roma gypsies is a classic example. The media never told us what caused the dispute but just accused local people of “racist attacks.” Well, I don’t believe them. I think these people were defending their communities.

The default position is anti-British and what was normal, healthy patriotism is now demonised as “far-right” and patriots are subject to slander and discrimination. To put things in perspective, there are about 200 investigations into Muslim terror plots being conducted by security services and the courts.

Even though the BNP have proscribed the EDL the media treat them as interchangeable as they try to slot the BNP into their ideology as “thugs” and “knuckle draggers.”

The police violence against the EDL anti-Muslim extremist demo in Leeds is a warning of what the establishment really want to do to the BNP. One of the police tricks seems to be based on the Hillsborough tragedy — that of “funnelling” the protesters into tight groups and chasing them while they fall over and get trampled as you will see in the video from Leeds.

The Government advertise in terrorist countries like Pakistan for immigrants to come here. In November 2006 a Foreign Office pamphlet advertised: “Multicultural Britain — A Land of Immigrants.” It stated that immigrants should immigrate here because of the Human Rights Act would protect them and well-paid jobs were available for them.

The Foreign Office put the document “Ethnic Diversity” in British embassies across the world.

Of convicted terrorists in Britain about 27 of 87 were trained or sought training in Pakistan or Afghanistan, Eighteen had terrorist training in Britain. Despite this, Labour’s “open door” immigration policy knowingly risked allowing dangerous people to settle in Britain unchecked, The Sunday Times reported on 8 November after secret documents were leaked. The evidence had been illegally withheld by the Home Office for four years.

A European Union initiative The Barcelona Agreement, which comes into force on 1 January, give rights of settlement to millions of Muslims from North Africa and grant them legal preference over indigenous as well as increasing attacks on Jewish communities. The Maastricht Treaty took control of our borders off us and John Major lied when he said it didn’t.

The new Chief of the Armed forces, General Sir David Richards, launched a support network for Muslims in the armed forces The Armed Forces Muslim Association. He said it “reflects the growing numbers, importance and relevance of their service and superb contribution they are making to the armed forces in the UK.” It will help “forge closer relationships with Islamic communities across the UK.” How many al-Qaeda supporters are in the British military?

As well as linking with Muslims, the military are preparing to shoot us if we protest against being dispossessed. Military personnel are being selected to form regiments prepared to shoot their own people.

In the “England Expects” blog, under the title “Scared Yet,” Libertarian Party leader Ian Parker-Joseph revealed that the M.O.D. were asking military personnel: “Will you open fire on UK citizens?… In a stunning conversation with a friend, who is a serving member of the Armed Forces, over the weekend, it was revealed that transfers to regiments and other units in the UK on home duties are being undertaken by the MOD based upon whether an individual was prepared to ‘open fire’ on UK citizens during civil disturbances.”

This was also revealed by the mother of a serving soldier on the net but she quickly removed it. This is corroborated by Dr. Richard North who learnt that the M.O.D. was buying up “unusually large quantities of tear gas and other riot equipment.”

The warning signs point towards military action against people who try to resist the displacement of our communities and destroying our children’s and grandchildren’s future by encouraging cheap labour by giving them extra state benefits that are denied to us. I urge readers with friends and relations in the military to keep us informed of this evil plan.

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