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The Way Through the Woods

As we try to fathom our contemporary situation we see everything that once gave us our bearings is being broken down. Our natural society made up of homogeneous communities is being de-constructed for the creation of a pre-meditated artificial society. The task for us writers is to try explain what is happening and not just to react to events but articulate what we need for our rebirth from the ashes of our old traditions. There are two main aspects: A spiritual defence and a practical defence. This is about the spiritual defence my next article will deal with the practical defence.

We have to change the political climate. The politicians who stand for our people and values do so in a hostile political atmosphere. Our people have been brainwashed for years into passively accepting their dispossession by anti-British elites.

The great achievement of "The Home of the Green Arrow and Friends" is that Green Arrow, while exposing news events, also had the brains and foresight to develop a team of outstanding writers who are beginning to articulate a coherent patriotic move to re-construct our ways and communities. Meanwhile, Sarah: Maid of Albion’s blog is important in exposing modern political myths and media lies.

What are we up against? When we assess our condition a metaphor springs to mind and it seems to me that we are benighted in dark woods and need to strike a light and find our way back. The UK is ruled by an ideological caste which is a self-selecting elite of people who hold the correct opinions and express them which demands total acceptance of the ideology for one to advance in life; it is a Kleptocracy, as they rob the population by deceit and theft from public funds. If you meet the ideological criteria you can fiddle yourself a fortune. Blair’s expenses records have now been accidentally shredded! Opening the door to immigration is a nice, little earner if your wife is a Human Rights lawyer.

Those who express, or are suspected of holding, unauthorized opinions never get a job in an Establishment position because they are given negative code words - "racists" or "haters." The result is the “Ideological caste” purged of independent thought and consisting solely of drones, and followers. They talk like mindless robots - sexism, homophobia, racism, hate speech. The education system filters dissidents, preventing them getting qualified. Malcolm Bradbury made it clear in “The History Man” that those labelled “right-wing” are marked down.

Those with a public profile are on message because of the "aspirational" adoption of elite orthodoxy by the middle class. This is why it is an “Ideological Caste” - you can only belong if you conform, and you have no career if you think for yourself. Sin is no longer wrong behaviour but wrong thinking - those who err are persecuted and subject to public humiliation.

The dominant ideology is “multi-racialism” and its militant wing “anti-racism.” These began as an ideological reaction to Hitler and the new Left replaced traditional liberals while adopting revised Marxism from such as The Frankfurt School. The opening of the camps had a massive effect on influential people in the West. The response was an inversion of what Hitler believed - groups he disliked became treated as special like gypsies and homosexuals. Jews were until their reported treatment of the Palestinians put them out of fashion again and now they are being persecuted throughout Europe by the nexus of EU elites and the imported Muslims. Those he revered (Whites) became the enemy of the ideology and the scapegoat if things went wrong. The other races being effectively deified can do no wrong: as in the Soviet Union wishful thinking replaces reality and their crimes are covered up!

The Caste show studied generosity towards immigrants, and pretend they are harmless which is what you do if you cannot face a danger. If there is a bully terrorising others you wish it away. Oh, he’s a good bloke ... he doesn’t bother me. .. perhaps they will start to like us… perhaps they will realise that we are nice people. It’s like being so frightened you pretend something is not happening. It is too painful for the elites to acknowledge and causes them sufficient anguish to strike out, blaming us.

Education is being “dumbed down”, the main thing, is to develop the correct attitudes. White children are indoctrinated to reject their identity, to be ashamed of their history and, if at all possible, to slander themselves and internalise racial guilt. Meanwhile, the children of immigrants learn how “racist” and “evil” our ancestors were. They learn to silence protest with a word only applied to us - racist. That demonstrates perfectly where the discrimination really lies. It prevents us objecting to the cheap labour that is destroying children’s futures. The results for law and medical schools show that Asian are pushing indigenous students out.

The government have the means to protect our borders as they police Iraq and Afghanistan. But they don’t want to. The media covers by telling us that the politicians have lost control of the orders. No, they have not. They want immigrants to flood in, which is why they advertise for them to come here in our overseas embassies. It is why the British Council trains young Africans in our ways and uproots them from their own villages and communities.

Politicians and TV are constantly being nice to ethnics and if any are involved in a cultural activity or a sport there is always an adjective of praise in front of the name. Wishful thinking overrides analysis. They don’t have to face the consequences of their inadequacy if they build us up as a bogey figure.

Those granted asylum get priority over British people. When they arrive they are homeless and do not bring houses with them so they must be taking ours. Brits on the waiting list may live in overcrowded conditions or in squalor, or may have a health priority such as spores from black mould in the house getting on their childrens’ lungs. But they will be classed as having a home and abandoned.

Asylum getters have their houses fitted out with every thing they need. There is a free car because its cheaper than paying for taxis for them. Indigenous people are advised to use public transport, but not asylum seekers.

A young women was given a temporary, emergency house, called a “dispersal property” usually reserved for asylum seekers (illegal immigrants). She was told not to use one of the rooms, because there was damaged furniture in it. She looked it - was full of things that are used to entice asylum seekers - phone, large flat screen television, pots and pans, blankets, recordable DVD player, X box, play station and a box full of various game and music DVD’s in various languages.

Decades of anti-British social, economic and educational policy have made white people less able to compete against migrant groups with strong ideologies like Islam. A moral relativist culture of tolerance could never stand up against people who are protected by family values, with a muscular religion. But the desire to redeem our declining civilisation exists. No matter that the elites makes so much effort to destroy our organic culture and re-culture us for Globalism, the will to survive is reviving from the bottom.

An early example of the state oppressing its own people and privileging foreigners was the judgements on the race battle in Notting Hill of 1958. Evil Judge Salmon gave excessive sentences of around 4 years to the young working-class lads but excused the Blacks.

The 1961 race battles in Dudley were similar. Young men were fearful of losing their jobs to immigrants but even worse, the immigrants were pulling their women while many locals were away serving their country on national service. The police arrested them and the magistrates punished them for acting naturally. The state was breaking down the primary instincts of its men to keep their women and territory!

In, “The Deculturalisation of the English People”, Rev. John Lovejoy told of how, on his return from Australia where he had worked closely with Aborigines, he was horrified to see that English people were being de cultured in the same way. The most important factor in a people’s decline is when the men lose their women. How often in a day do we encounter advertisements and other representations of the typical family unit as a Black with a white woman?

The main parties, the media, academics and corporations are promoting policies that are destroying us; far from representing us, they are against us. They and their followers effect moral superiority, while we are lectured on our wickedness because we object to our communities being destroyed and being used as dumping ground for immigrants when the Ideological Caste themselves have 2 homes in posh areas or beautiful village and the recent revelations of their expenses scams has disgusted the whole nation.

They transfer other peoples’ taxes to fellow Kleptocrats in the Third World under the guise of helping the starving or poor but make no effort to ensure that needy people get the aid.

The young are given no sense of cultural legacy, but taught what races we wronged and who to apologise to. As long as the state controls education and the parents abdicate their responsibilities the decline will continue. We have to face up to the fact that we are allowing them do this to us and need to resist.

The rulers are paralysed by fear of immigrants but tell themselves it is virtue - tolerance, absence of prejudice, we are all coming together in the brotherhood of man! They pretend the immigrants are assimilating. It’s as if during the journey they shed their ways like shedding a skin and arrived here wanting to become British!

When it comes to different ethnic groups otherwise rational people become sentimental and weak. It’s like a woman on seeing a baby or a child talking to its pet. They go to pieces in a girly sentimentality that causes them to pretend invaders are coming to improve our culture and look after the sick and elderly!

It is like a family writ large. Sometimes one is despised and does not get the care that makes one feel worthy. This is what is causing immoral behaviour and a giving up amongst our working classes who are neglected for immigrants.

The opinions of the “caste” are assumptions - they never justify their views while we are put on media trial. I suppose they convince themselves they are righting wrongs, and redressing the balance, by showing us in a bad light and the ethnics as always competent and worthy. They habitually describe them as intelligent.

Meanwhile television is telling us to feel sympathy for immigrants and how ill-used they have been. They boost them but put us down. The neglect is psychological and subliminal. We are left out of adverts as the typical unit is portrayed as a black with a white woman.

When they apply to open a Mosque the authorities think it is something harmless, like a local church. They hide in the comforting illusion that Islam is “a religion of peace.” But underneath the rulers are capitulating, betraying us to an enemy who will visit vengeance on our next generations for wrongs committed by these same rulers who invaded their homelands in Iraq and Afghanistan in an unjustified invasion and bombed their women and children! They think they can make Muslim countries Western and assimilate everyone here!

There is a pretence that the British Muslims against us are a tiny minority but it’s not half-a-dozen chaps who bump into each other and think “Oh, lets plant some bombs!” They are part of a rival community for our territory.

The authorities can not face it when they do plant a bomb and ask their neighbours leading questions then pretend how much they had integrated and how he loved fish and chips. They gather endless statistics on the widespread support for terrorism then ignore them because they can’t face it.

When the “Ideological Caste” discuss the multi-racial society they never give examples of the consequences but name sports personalities; when we give examples of territorial expansion like the ethnic cleansing of our own people, they do not prove us wrong with debate but slander us because our exposing reality frightens them. There is no attempt to be honest - they have closed minds.

We are given semi-psychiatric labels for our resistance – prejudice, living in the past, irrational. We are having false identities imposed on us and internalising the negativity. For example, what is “racist” about wanting our own communities? What is racist about conserving jobs and homes for our own children?

Two of the most influential figures who are rarely discussed in patriotic literature are Claude Levi-Strauss the structural anthropologist and the trendy Michael Foucault with his inversions of traditional attitudes.

Levi-Strauss’s paper to the UN 1951 conference in London was massively influential. The UN wanted to get back to Enlightenment liberalism and ensure that no one was locked into their culture again as had just happened in Germany. Levi-Strauss’s idea was that if you take the content out all cultures are equal as cultural products can be shown to have the same structure: an African story and, say, Hamlet! One of his influential concepts we were to eschew was "ethnocentricity".

National Conservatives like John Casey in “Authority and Tradition” from “Conservative Essays”(ed) Maurice Cowling and philosopher Roger Scruton in "Thinkers of the New Left" tried to counter this revised Marxist thinking but with their own methods - trying to rationally disprove their ideology.. Entering into debate with the dominant ideology is wrong and leads us into irrelevant by-ways. We must expose what they have done but concentrate on what we can do. We look at the world differently, not through a rationalised ideology but emotion, common sense and study of reality.

A letter from John Stokes MP in The Times of 27th May 1976, shows the different types of thinking: “The question is not one of simply maintaining good race relations here, but of preserving our national identity. What sort of people are we to become? Surely not a hotch-potch of all kinds of peoples whose first loyalty is found to be to their own homelands and who we know will never truly integrate with us. What an end to a thousand years of glorious history for our nation! The intellectuals, the intelligentsia and some sections of the media (middle class to a man) expect our English working class to absorb these alien peoples in ever increasing numbers.”

The BNP should link to the many patriotic social and cultural Conservatives (not market forces or free trade) who opposed immigration, as a starting point and develop from there.

They were right to highlight Churchill’s national Conservatism but should make more of his attempt to have a Bill to control immigration introduced in 1955 and his idea that the Conservatives should use the slogan “Keep England White”! Peter Catterall (ed.), 'The Macmillan Diaries: The Cabinet Years, 1950-1957' Macmillan. 2003 p 382.

Our perspective is deeper and grows from an emotional and instinctive relationship with our people and our territory than the “Castes”. It is more profound than rationalising or adopting an artificial blueprint for a Utopian world because it grows from natural, human instinct.

Our emotional relationship with our land and kin is natural and needs no intellectual reasons to justify it any more than spouses have to justify favouring their partner or parents their children. Parents who want other children to do better than their own are perverse and un-natural! They are on the same emotional scale!

Most people have friends, colleagues and relations from other ethnic groups nowadays but we have to ask ourselves: “Can we allow our children be pushed out of jobs, homes, and college places in their own country?” Look at statistics from Office of National Statistics (which don’t take into account the births to mothers born here) and then look at your children and ask: ”Am I betraying my own children ? Where will they live and work?” To give favourable treatment to aliens over our own people, what the great fifth Marquess of Salisbury called “Our kith and kin” is perverse and un-natural.

We have a duty to our children to pass on what we inherited as they in turn will have to theirs and we owe a debt to our ancestors who bequeath our nation and culture to us and must honour that. The honouring is in maintaining what they left to us and the duty is in passing it on to our descendants. In the wise words of General George S.Patton:”All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.”

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