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The British Military Spirit.

What Alan Clarke, the former Conservative government minister and famous diarist praised as “the British military spirit” is scorned as yobbery by The Establishment when it should be a matter of honour and pride. (1)
The people who were the backbone of our traditional military prowess are slandered and misused. They are misused because they are not wanted in the armed forces where they should be cherished as heroes ready to defend our country and control our borders to repel the current invasion. Our troops are held in contempt and not even provided with adequate equipment to save their lives.
The people who naturally belong in the forces are barred because of youthful misadventures. At one time young men who were at risk of being sent to young offenders institutions were given the opportunity of joining the military. To the traditional aristocratic ruling, warrior class, these would have been ideal recruits possessed of noble virtues which are now criminalized.
A classic example of how these virtues are presented as wrong or even low class was in the Daily Mail of 5th July. In this deceitful piece of fiction scribbler Neil Firth linked several disconnected phenomena. Typical of his old-fashioned kind he used the usual faded cliches to trigger negative responses in his readers. “Far-right” was trotted out as usual to deter others from feeling their natural instincts to defend their communities and protect our young girls from being child - raped by the rival Muslims communities. (2)

The actual quotes from Commander Shawn Sawyer show how the police work in league with Muslims against their own people. Sawyer, is from the Met's specialist operations wing told a meeting of British Muslims last night: 'I fear that they will have a spectacular ...'They will carry out an attack that will lead to a loss of life or injury to a community somewhere. They're not choosy about which community.' (3)
These are the corrupt police who stop “whites” under terrorist laws to avoid upsetting Muslims and who tell community leaders before they stage a raid looking for bombs and weapons. If the police continue to act in concert with Muslim extremists against the indigenous people we will have to consider with holding the portion of council tax that pays their wages.
They use class distinction to distance their targets from the rest of polite and enlightened society by characterisation like “Banner-waving drunks”. This is to discredit them and put them outside what is respectable. These are attempts to stifle their own populations to prevent a “White backlash” but their prospects are bleak as people are feeling threatened and realising what the corrupt caste has been doing behind their backs. They try to shift the focus of blame when they make things up. In this Firth uses “There were reports of...” I checked with people who had really been there unlike story-teller, Firth. (4)
One farrago of lies and made up examples was the Birmingham posts so-called report of the St.Georges’ Day parade in West Bromwich. This inventor hide behind “allegedly” but turned out something so different from the truth that I am thinking of recommending him for “The Booker Prize”!
These imaginative concoctions do not just appear out of nowhere, they are part of an ideology that is in the minds of “The ideological Caste” and binds them together in a common political aim of destroying us and installing Islam as the dominant European belief and legal system and the elites slot each event into that.
This why news items seem old: the new event is interpreted through the old ideology. The ideology that sees us as he enemy and scapegoats us every time the multi-racial dream falters. The recent hysterical reports blaming Ulster people for disputes with Roma gypsies is a classic example. The media never told us what caused the dispute but just accused local people of “racist attacks.” Well, I don’t believe them, and think these people were defending their communities.
They take the public's mind off what their allies in the Muslim communities are doing by focusing public attention on a bogey figure which they set up for the purpose - allowing Muslim extremists to recruit and build up ethnic war against us. (4)
But, around the world, EthnoNationlism is being re-asserted while Western rulers go into orbit on fantasies of Globalisation. China is instructive. They claim there are 158 dead, 1,080 injured and a thousand arrested in ethnic violence between Han Chinese and the Muslim, Turkic-speaking Uighurs of Xinjiang - the large oil-rich province on the border with Pakistan, Afghanistan and several Central Asian countries that seceded from the Soviet Union.
The Communist Party chief has promised to execute those responsible for the killings. The Chinese are not decadent and putting troops into Xinjiang and they have fought to ensure possession of Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Tibet by moving in millions of Han Chinese, swamping the indigenous peoples, as they did in Manchuria.
Where Beijing floods its borderlands with Han to reduce indigenous populations to minorities, and stifles religious, ethnic and linguistic diversity, Western decadent rulers dispossess their own people for the benefit of immigrants and rationalise it as “Global migration” when it is actually encouraged. Even the coded language sends out the message that they can come here and take everything off us boasting across the world that we need them to look after our elderly, for example.

What despicable decadents these people are to try and destroy their own innocent, people.
As I mentioned previously, their comments on us are not independent, assessments of something bad but parts of their ideology. When deceitful Simon Hughes stated on television that it is not true that asylum seekers get more state benefits than indigenous people he deliberately misled the public by playing with words because he knows it is the illegal immigrants that are granted asylum that get more benefits than our own people.
But Hughes comment was not only deliberately, deceitful, he left out the context they occupy in his mind. That of surrendering us to Muslim by allowing them to take over in what is one of the most evil crimes against innocent people in human history, while being dressed up as progress, we are scape- goated as evil for trying to defend our children and communities. (5)

The Soviet Union imploded very quickly yet the Chinese are cute and believe in EthnoNationalism. Western rulers have tried transcend it by dreaming about a New World Order and ignore their much-vaunted democratic principles? What value are principles when even their proponents don’t really live by them? We still are a blood and soil people but the rulers are trying to break down our natural need for belonging to a people in a traditional homeland to allow Muslims to take over.

They retrospectively alter history and fib that we were never blood-and-soil people, but a propositional nation, a nation of ideas. Our belief in democracy, diversity, and equality define us and make us different from all other nations they lie.
They enthusiastically look forward to when we become a minority in our own country. This is beyond democracy and takes no account of the Will of the People as they convert our natural, organic nation into a rationalist construct that requires social engineering, a political police and other totalitarian structures; from a Christian country into a multiracial, Tower of Babel that is imploding as did the late Roman Empire. Even in those dark days the rulers did not deliberately wage war on their own people and try to have them pushed out of their local areas. What the caste is doing to us is uniquely evil. (6)

Underlying these apparently, disparate examples is EthnoNationalism - the will of ethnic minorities to have their own countries, where their faith, culture and language are dominant. The difference in Western countries is that the corrupt and decadent elites are acting against their own people in the interests of the invaders they are encouraging.
EthnoNationalism caused the Balkan wars of 1912 and 1913, triggered World War I in Sarajevo, and rent asunder the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires. EthnoNationalism spawned Turkey and Israel.
EthnoNationalism was the spur for the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, and splintered Czechoslovakia into two-dozen nations from three. Last August, EthnoNationalism took Abkhazia and South Ossetia out of Georgia.
Russia has its own ethnic worries in Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia, whose Moscow-installed president was nearly blown up a couple of weeks ago and where a Chechen convoy was ambushed with 10 soldiers killed.
EthnoNationalism split the Asian subcontinent up into Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Iran, Iraq and Pakistan are on the brink. Persians are against the Azeris, Kurds, Arabs and Baluch. Each of those minorities has kinfolk across the national border —in Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Turkey has struggled for decades with Kurd EthnoNationalism. Pashtun in Pakistan outnumber Pashtun in Afghanistan, though in the latter they are the majority.
Africa is riven throughout its artificial countries and the vicious attacks by the Luo on the Kikiyu show renewed tribalism, as did the horrors of Rwanda, where Hutu massacred thousands of Tutsi. Morales in Bolivia, Ollanta Humala in Peru and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez are inciting their Indian peoples to re- take what the white man took from them 500 years ago.
As well as allowing Choudry free reign to recruit our evil rulers allow senior people to advocate war against our soldiers. Make no mistake, dear readers, the rulers share the aims of Choudry in bringing about Sharia Law in an Islamic Europe.
It is likely that the Establishment goes even farther than that to silence opponents.

The ideology percolates down from the top and lesser people like teachers go along with it because they think they are supposed to and don’t want jeopardise their careers. (7)
The default position is anti-British and what was normal, healthy patriotism is now slandered as “far-right” and patriots are subject to slander and discrimination. What Alan Clarke praised as “the British military spirit” is forced into street thuggery when it should be controlled by encouraging voluntary boxing and martial arts in schools and clubs.
Then the military reject these young men for military because they have been prosecuted and this forces them to form their own makeshift armies around football clubs with ranks like generals etc. it is a natural instinct for young men to be aggressive and to seek comradeship and to want to defend their countries and communities. Young men need to prove themselves to move forward in life but they should not have to do it in the streets because the elites reject them!

However, we must be guarded because civil disobedience could be used in propaganda by the Neil Firth's and the Birmingham Post scribbler just as the BNP is getting somewhere politically.
This is the sort of situation the security agencies use and have experience of doing so. When one of these protests does 'kick off' the MSM will reveal that these protests are “far-right” BNP.
The violence would be shown on prime time TV with smug BBC talking head’s announcing it as typical "far-right" while they cover up Muslim protests and twist their reports of Muslim bombings to fool the population. To put things in perspective, there are something like 200 investigations into Muslim terror plots being conducted by security services and the courts as I write.
Former Conservative MP K.Harvey Proctor constantly warned of was a White backlash. To prevent this the caste has devised various underhand and undemocratic methods. The idea was to manage the population into a sort of utopian state but ideologies need an enemy and that was “Whites” who were all held responsible for the slave trade which meant only a heavily-censored version of slavery with the main dealers the Arabs left out of account. We are only supposed to think the “correct” thoughts.
The “white backlash” comes in unexpected ways and this is where the establishment media is now inventing stories and presenting them as outside polite society. There are other dangers.
The football firms were infiltrated by police and they would use agent provocateurs to incite violence and then used to discredit the BNP and nationalism in general.
This view of the world is diametrically is opposed to the Establishment plan to have us dispossessed and to cover up the child-rape of young girls and they will use any lie, any dirty tactic to stop it. There is also the EU paramilitary police force created to oppress the indigenous European peoples that can be used in Britain.

(2) -warn.html
See also his great books: Death of the West” and “State of Emergency.”
K. Harvey Proctor addressed the 1983 Conservative party conference ,but no senior party member sat on the platform apart from a glum looking John Biffen who only clapped sparely.
Mrs Thatcher was not present.
In 1981 Proctor had announced a plan by the Monday club Immigration and Repatriation Committee to repatriate 50,000 immigrants a year. The forward to the document was by Sir Ronald Bell.
At a Monday Club dinner in early 1984 guest of honour Enoch Powell revealed that the Conservative party had threatened to not speak to Proctor for his belief in repatriation which would have been the first time in their history they had sent one of their MP’s to Coventry!

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