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Who Occupies the Moral High Ground?

Conservative philosopher Roger Scruton has written that “ an ideology needs an enemy”. In the West that is us - “whites”. The chosen method is to dehumanise the enemy so that it can be persecuted or even assassinated without conscience. They think it will fool the public when they try to outlaw the BNP’s racial admission rules, despite leaving the various black and Asian groups to operate their own racial membership policies.

These comments show the Ideological Caste’s dehumanisation of its enemies in language they would otherwise eagerly attribute to Nazis:
Trevor Phillips: “The BNP should be treated as less than human”.
Nick Bourne - Welsh Tory MP: “The BNP are subhuman”

The voice of whites in Britain is the BNP and the whole establishment is conspiring to de-humanise them with a level of incitement that is unprecedented. If this type of hate campaign was against another ethnic group they would be facing a seven year jail sentence. The whole Establishment has shown itself to be the same type of hate-filled ideologues that dehumanised Jews in Nazi Germany. It is an ideology of hate like those in Soviet Russia, Mao’s China and Cambodia against a particular group.

I am very grateful to Stuart, a NHS employee for this illuastration of how de-humanisation works.
“It reminds me of anti-aggression training in the NHS. Things to watch for before you get thumped: You nurses are all the same! All you nurses are *******s, you go from being an individual person (which it is not okay to hurt), to a group of people, to a non-human that it is okay to hurt. Once you are not human watch for the thump. It’s coming very soon." Change nurses to BNP and the swear words to thug, knuckle-dragger, Nazi and racist.”

If a BNPer does something wrong the Caste generalise to dehumanise them, and the whole party is dehumainised But the Caste present themselves as individuals when they are exposed for breaking the rules and thieving from the public and so the whole party is still thought respectable when really the mainstream parties are brimful of deceivers and crooks.

It has been reported that the Met will question some MP’s and Peers about their expenses. But the newspapers, the Met and the government and most of the public all know it will be whitewashed. Even so, public opinion will be manipulated to deceive people into thinking our ruling elite are subject to the law.

The Establishment smear campaigns contain some ‘facts’ but are mainly half-truths and downright lies because, as have I said, they can not counter the new arguments. What they use to dehumanise their targets they ignore in their favoured groups.

The Sunday Times of 14th June showed that underneath the veneer of respectability and intellectual gravity the Times’ journalists tell the same lies as The Sun and Mirror - Nick Griffin MEP does not have dogs called Anne and Frank; he did not loose an eye during paramilitary manoeuvres, but when a discarded shotgun cartridge hidden in household waste exploded in a fire; MEP Robert Fiore, a friend of Griffin’s, was not implicated in a terrorist bombing in Italy. That is another lie and Fiore has sued several papers for reprinting that lie started by a Communist front organisation. Both the Sunday Times and Searchlight share a political outlook.

They foster the same ideology of hatered for the indigenous British as semi-literate gutter press: The Sun and Daily Mail lied that the BNP put out leaflets during the EU elections calling for the Gurkhas to be sent home. That was done by an anti-Fascist group who illegally put the BNP’s name to it. (1)

But these journalists don’t let honesty stand in the way of good propaganda. They expose Griffin’s past sins against convention but cover up the much more serious sins of the politicians on their own side. The Caste accuse Griffin and his party of hating, but their hatred for their own people is perverse and unnatural. Deep in their psyches, one suspects, these liars fear and envy Griffin’s honesty and courage.

We are taken us on countless TV documentary journeys into tribes and tribal cultures around the developing world and shown stomach-churning sights of animal sacrifice and initiation rites, and never do they tell us that to preserve these people is Nazi or racist or thuggish.

Try and say that Europe has ethnic people and traditions that must be preserved too and you will run into a wall of hostility. Marxists have managed to bully people of the north European cultures into accepting that they have no racial identification and, therefore, do not really exist, and they have no right to even murmur about self-preservation. To do this would be evil and selfish, and re-connect to all those too awful symbols of European supremacy: slavery and Adolf Hitler.

BBC Wales aired a programme just after the EU elections to expose Arthur Kemp, and it was an excellent example of the genre. It started with a pre-judgement(prejudice) against not just Kemp but those sinfull people they call “white”. (2)

By selecting evidence on them that ignores all other ethnic groups it proceeds to discriminate against them. It also left out what is really happening in South Africa like the genocide of white African farmers by blacks to create the impression that Black rule is a success.

BBC programme-makers typically wait for months until they get something on their prey, then they present it purely according to their ideology (which, of course, enables them to pose as tolerant and so very morally superior to their “Nazi” prey). The hypocritical immorality is never allowed to intrude. When the BBC acted in concert with the legal system to prosecute Griffin what was over looked was that he did not make the speech to the public. It was the BBC who broadcast it to the public.

All this takes place within an extreme ideological world view that uses modern multiracial myths like “They seek to divide communities”. That one depends on the false notion that multiracial communities are melding together.

One of the subtler tricks is to describe their activists as “anti-racists”, thus sanitising them and by implication demonising the other. It also hides the fact that these anti-fascist groups are the ones involved in street thuggery. For the elites are in league with the street thugs and use deceitful photographs like the Searchlight agents flying to Italy to be photographed making Nazi salutes to BNP deputy chairman Simon Darby so that the media could publicise it to put people off voting for them. Or worse! (3)

The Ideological Caste cover up for each right up to the point where someone oversteps the rules of public acceptability. Even then, a programme described the BNP’s attacks on the expenses scandal as a “toxic cocktail”. Everything is manipulated. The public is provided with no material that has not been ideologically filtered.

Even before this month’s EU Parliament elections the gutter-press Guardian was working overtime to stop the public voting for the BNP. When that failed they carried straight on with the attack:
Andrew Brons said of his victory: "I regard this as the first step towards the UK, the British people, getting freedom from the European Union dictatorship."

Divorced with two grown-up daughters and four grand children, Mr Brons was 17 when, in 1964, he started his political activism, signing up for the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, an organisation that was deliberately founded on Hitler's birthday. NSM members were responsible for an arson campaign against Jewish property and synagogues in the 1960s. It is not that these sentiments should go unchallenged, they should, but the media play them up to harm someone for what he said 23 years-ago to focus attention away from their Muslim allies chanting “Jews to the gas” throughout Europe last January. (4)

The Establishment are trying to destroy rivals who are openly challenging them and exposing their corruption as the BNP exposed the police cover-up of the widespread child-rape of young white girls by older Muslim men. Take no notice of this obsession with holocaust denial they use that to weaken us while nearly every Muslim in the country denies the holocaust and believes Mossad did the Twin Towers but the media keep that quiet!

There are many racial attacks on Jewish people by Muslims. There are Muslim shops all over the UK selling ”The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. Many of our elites encourage terrorism not only Peter Hain and George Galloway. Ken Livingstone's is a history of invective against Jews and Israel. A couple of months ago Cherie Blair’s sister Lauren was filmed by intrepid BNP photographers inciting Muslims against Jews in a Blackburn park but the media ignored it.(5}

Here she is interviewing Bob Bailey a candidate in the EU elections for Iranian owned Press TV. Why did the police allow her to get away with it? For the same reason they cover up Muslims child-raping young white girls all across he country. They are in league with Muslims against their own people and the Jewish community.

Witness: The profile told us: ”At the time he (Brons) was the chairman of the National Front and was marching through the streets with his colleagues chanting slogans including "white power" and "death to Jews". Brons’ supposed statements were 24 years ago whereas Muslims attacking Jewish restaurants in Golders Green was only in January during the Gazza demonstarations. Like their Muslim allies chanting “Jews to the gas” throughout Europe. Why play up the one but keep the other quiet?

At Globalist Rupert Murdoch’s Sun Graeme Wilson devalued an elected British politician:”Bad egg hit by good egg.” Then the common language again: ” Griffin- his fascist party’s first MEP.”
A less measured variation on the theme from Weyman Bennett:” We came here to stand up for the people who have faced the intimidation of violence of racist thugs.” UAF supporter David Cameron used the same language when he called the BNP “Nazis and thugs.” (6)

What else do the media keep from the public? Labour MP Shahid Malik predicting the total Islamification of Britain and a Muslim prime minister, “Allah willing”, within the next thirty years at the October 2008 “Global Peace and Unity.”

Over the past four years, Malik claimed more than £60,000 from the Commons authorities towards his “second home” in London and number of luxury items including a £2,600 home cinema system yet he was brought back into government!

On the 10th of June 2009, The Metro and The Sun set up a target for violence or violence. (7)
John Higginson chief political correspondent of The Metro showed his intellectual grasp of political ideas by writing in mindless cliches:

“Far-right leader Griffen is splattered as anti-fascists protest over poll victory.”

What really happened – an organised and fascistic, physical assault on Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons at a press conference they had called - is distorted by the code-words. Thus, the morally undeserving “far right” Griffin is justly humiliated by (merely) protesting “anti-fascists”.

The Daily Star went further and incited its readers to throw chapattis at Griffin. This is simply hate-speech and can only serve to inflame the racial situation as chapattis are ethnic food.

Over at arch-Globalist Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun, Graeme Wilson devalued an elected British politician thus:

“Bad egg hit by good egg.”

Then the common language again:

“Griffin- his fascist party’s first MEP.”

The semi-literate papers have for years told their readers how to vote but now they are inciting violence against a legal political party. The owners of these papers are foreigners, and this is outside intervention in our internal politics. Never again must foreigners be allowed to own our newspapers.

Both Establishment and apparatchiks use a common language. The “anti-fascists” commonly describe the BNP as fascists and the apparently respectable opinion-formers have adopted this. In his interview with Griffin, David Dimbleby used the word fascist. Dimbleby would not invite SWP leaders like Martin Smith and Weyman Bennett to dinner, unless he wanted to show what a fine fellow he is, because they are the wrong class. But when it comes to defending the elites’ way of life they share the same prejudices.

The caste usually incite violence indirectly so they can keep up the appearance of respectability. But Peter Hain, who did so much to bring about the genocide of whites in South Africa and has never apologised for it, has now called for violent confrontation with the BNP. He is trying to do the same thing here - while he makes himself rich by corruptly trousering £103 grand. The language is the same as with the others:

It is vital that everyone now isolates and confronts the BNP and works with United Against Fascism to defeat them. The gang of UAF thugs attack Nick Griffin everyone can see ...

The Sun are now encouraging more attacks, and this in a country with hundreds of Muslim extremists and terrorists. They are actually encouraging assassination. If anything happens again remember that and get the evidence from the newspaper reports of how they lead people on.

An openly illegal incitement to violence against a democratically elected politician was published by London media:

I’m so disappointed with the people that threw eggs at BNP leader Nick Griffin yesterday when he attempted to hold a victory press conference...come on people...we live in a multi cultural next time please FOR THE SAKE OF THIS DEMOCRACY can you chuck BRICKS at the racist instead???...much more effective, n’est pas?

Ali Sichilongo, London

So why are such untrue and hateful words employed in the media? Possibly because of something Griffin has in mind for the elites. He told the BNP conference in Blackpool:

“We all know that they have announced that there will now be another inquiry into the Iraq War. Of course there should not be an inquiry, but rather a war crimes trial, based on the principles established during the Nuremburg Trial.

“The accused must include the politicians and the propagandists who generated the background to the war. This will include the newspaper editors and media owners who are just as responsible for the lies which led to that war.

“However, we have enough evidence right now to make a case against Geoff Hoon and Tony Blair for an incident during the Balkans War when a Serbian TV station was bombed. I will be laying a charge with a central London police station very soon over this matter.”

This is why the corrupt thieves and liars of the caste have to try and silence those who threaten them. Presumably it’s also why Griffin does not have state security like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Salman Rushdie did here. His protection rests largely in us informing the public that State forces are dehumanising him for attack..





(5) order-act/

(6) Drag to 6 minutes.


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