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The Battle of Birmingham

During the Battle of Birmingham of 8th August 2009, the police had the English Defence League cordoned off by the Town Hall end of New Street and would let no one out of the circle nor anyone in. The Muslim rioting against the police was at the other end of New Street by the Bull Ring.

A large shout went up and onlookers ran from where the EDL was down to New Street where gangs of young Muslims were pelting the police and the police were charging them. The main Muslim attacks were against police and were outside the Bull Ring at the top of New street.

Some young white men had young children with them and were returning from the Aston Villa, match and were furious because their young sons had been terrified by the violent behaviour of the Muslim soldiers. They warned onlookers not to go down New Street as Muslims were attacking whites indiscriminately.

It was young whites who were being attacked even those not involved in the rioting.

At the Bull Ring end of New Street the police repeatedly re-grouped and charged the Muslims
who ran while others shouted "Stand your ground, stand your ground."

There were rumours spread around by the UAF that the "BNP had set fire to a mosque" which was enraging people. This is what evil Peter Hain has been calling for even though the BNP were not there, many Muslims had been told they were.

All the while a police helicopter circled overhead. The pubs and hotels in the area were closed and customers ushered out for their protection. To be fair it was a difficult situation for the police but their senior officers bring this on them by capitulating to Muslims like female officers wearing Burkas and signalling that the police are on their side and identify with them.

This was re-inforced by police stopping white protesters getting into the City and thus supporting the Muslims. our worthless politicians are letting up to 500 Muslims into the country every day to augment these people.

The UAF played it's part in stirring things up. The MCB's preachers of hate address UAF conferences and even Nu Labour have had to sever ties with the MCB due to their anti-Semitic views. We know Hain condones violence but does Cameron?

The UAF use holocaust victims as anti-racist propaganda, yet align with the holocaust denying MCB against us! Before the protest a group called “Socialist Resistance” were collecting signatures to “Boycott Israel.”

The anti-white genocidal race war has begun but The Lion has awoken. But the Lion has both the Establishment and Muslims extremists against it.

The news that MI5 has been infiltrated by Muslim terrorists should come as no surprise. MI5 is responsible for protecting Britain against national security threats yet may have recruited up to six al-Qaeda sympathisers. Six Muslim recruits were expelled including two who had been to training camps in Pakistan. others had unexplained gaps of up to three months unexplained.

Mercer has written to Home Secretary Alan Johnson, who is encouraging more immigration, calling for an investigation. Two of the men had several weeks training while the other four were identified before they entered training. They are openly giving priority to recruiting Muslims.

In fact the police force admitted they can not or do not want to expel 8 al-Queda agents! Don’t forget that MI5 did not know the 9/11 bombings of London was planned. Further, the bombers were financed by Leeds councillors. (2)

London is the world centre for Muslim terrorism and this is being encouraged by the police and security services. We can disagree over the motives of our elites but not their intentions: they are encouraging Muslims to take over our country. There have been stories of young Muslims having terrorist training in remote areas in this country? Have MI5 noticed or do they deliberately allow it? (3)

Throughout the 1980s and 90s our Keystone Cops and security services allowed Muslim terror groups financed by Saudi money to develop and to produce literature fostered the hatred of Britain and the Jewish communities.

Their banks financed terrorist and anti-Western groups with the authorities allowing it. They even gave safe haven to terrorists wanted in other countries and allowed them to preach violence against us in the streets and arrested Brits who objected. The police protected the terrorists many of whom went on to mount terrorist attacks in other countries like Israel and America.

Abu Hamza, who was a significant figure in global terrorism, was allowed to incite murder and hatred of us and Jews; also, the police and MI5 allowed him to gather a massive stock of weapons for fighting us on our streets and recruit for terror cells.

Three of the London Bombers were influenced by him. To be fair the police did try to prosecute him twice but the CPS stopped it. Who in the CPS stopped it?

It was only when the Americans wanted him extradited did the authorities act as if to prevent him being sent to Guatanamo Bay in 2004. Then, Washington named Abu Hamza as a "terrorist facilitator with a global reach" and he was arrested pending extradition. Five months later, he was charged with 15 UK offences associated with his sermons and information contained in the Encyclopaedia of Afghan Jihad.

Sir David Calvert-Smith was head of the CPS from 1988 till 3rd November 2003 and is heavily responsible for turning the police into a totalitarian force policing opinions instead of crime. In 2005 he led an inquiry for the Commission for Racial Equality into how the police forces of England and Wales deal with racism within their ranks. The inquiry reported in March 2005.

At a press conference Calvert-Smith said they would not be investigating “racism” because it was a “given.” There is his prejudice laid bare. Racism is a buzz word for oppressing us so this evil man was turning the police ahgainst us and by use of the same word, protecting
Muslims. He also said: "willingness to change at the top is not translating into action lower down, particularly in middle-management where you find the ice in the heart of the Police Service.” (4)

The Belgium government banned Vlaams Blok in November 2004. Now the Equality minister Harriet Harman is trying to disintegrate the BNP with her new equality Bill which will also give ethnic groups like Muslims legal privileges in employment over white men. The BNP’s “apartheid” constitution will be outlawed under legislation before parliament, according to Commons leader totalitarian Harriet Harman.

Harman said she was “shocked and horrified” by the election of BNP leader Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons to the European Parliament last week. She said there was “no place” in Britain for having a political party that only accepted white people as members and that the Equality Bill would prevent this. They do accept Jewish people so her interpretation is false. This nothing to do with equality but is totalitarian Harman’s political attempt to destroy rival elites.

She is a hypocrite and a liar and this is not the first time she has been found to be liar. She was found out in her dispute with fathers-4-justice (4) Is it ironic that a woman of Jewish ancestry should bring in a law so close to Hitler’s Nuremberg Race Laws? It is people like this that cause anti-Semitism. (5)

A spokeswoman for the Government agency of Inquisition the Equalities Office said: “The Equality Bill would give individuals a right to take legal action against the BNP, in respect of it excluding anyone from membership on grounds of race.” Then why exclude white men from employment on grounds of our race? These people are corrupt, evil, liars.

Hamza had been found to be linked to terrorism abroad 7 years before but was not prosecuted. The police for years covered up he widespread Muslim child-rape of young white girls. What else do they allow to go on?

This is part of a general trend and there are many precedents.

Ostensibly out rulers pose as morally superior. If any point out that their lives are being ruined they are silenced by being called “racists.” They begun on a course which becomes more frightening by the day and the corresponding pressure to avoid facing reality so much greater.

The crucible was the opening of the camps in eastern Europe and the consequent fear of self-assertion that griped the rulers. MacMillan and Operation Keelhaul.
They rationalise this as progress, as having risen above primitive emotions and established a tradition of tolerance which is to make us weak so the invaders can take everything off us.

They treat immigrants like pets and if they do something right praise them up and if they do something wrong, according to severity, either make-up excuses for them or keep the incident quiet. Even when they try to stand firm they capitulate like Phil Woolas did to actress Joanna Lumley.

They are not of the stamp of previous political leaders. Can you imagine Lord Palmerston being browbeaten by an old lady? Lord Kitchener campaigning for Muslims to join the army? T
hey are weak, petty-minded people and not the firm, manly types of yore.

The stronger people now go into big business or finance. Government is no longer the top-ranking aspiration for young people. It is a tawdry business, top-flight financiers measure their corruption in millions not claiming for bath plugs on their expenses.

There is a big moral mistake over immigration: it is a big, vast lie. It attracts people who will go along with it, petty, dishonest people who are prepared to go along with the lie for personal gain.

This ideology is their tool and they know the right things to say by heart and never question it or if a dark thought obtrudes, repress it immediately. They become proficient at debating and are usually trained in law or another of the talking professions.

We are told what we know is wrong is the right way. It runs counter to people’s instincts and they become uncomfortable and this undermines them. Because they no longer feel sure of themselves they can not discipline their children who are getting out of hand.

People feel powerless as they are led by people who are on the wrong track. They were inspired by Enoch and even dockers and Smithfield porters marched in support of him, a Tory! Then he was sacked by lesser man(?) Heath and vilified in the media which further confused the public.

This takes their confidence and feeling worthy away from them by dishonest rulers who are deceiving us.people instinctively know immigration is wrong but are told it’s a blessing!

They try to suppress our natural reactions because they fear losing control of us. The prosecution of Nick Griffin and Mark Collett began a mere 5 months after the Muslim bombing of London!

They are frightened of us reacting and depend on our acquiscence. This a reason why they can not debate this with us - they are frightened of activating the British people and abuse and slander helps them void the issue.

The Home office is at the forefront of this move to allow Muslims to take over. (6)

Like Rome we have been conquered, but not by outside forces, but our own elected representatives like evil Harman who lives in Herne Hill, London. This is not a question of our racism as the “caste” slander us but by treason at the very top of the state.

The Romans became decadent after success like us and gave up defending themselves - they began to take it easy and wanted others to defend them.

Meanwhile, the barbarians outside wanted the benefits of their civilisation and were also being pressed from tribes in the east. This is comparable to our situation now except that our rulers have deliberately softened us up to have out homes and communities taken off us and encourage the barbarians here and give them better treatment than we get.

Valens allowed the barbarians in, similar to our rulers who support the invading forces against us.

The rulers make moral statements “All races are equal” they have no sense of time or the continuity of a people and there civilisation and this is reflected in the way the teaching of modern history has changed.

They did not use to teach recent events for a couple of generations but now they teach them immediately if they fit into the ruling ideology. Now it’s the Second war to serve up Nazism as the evil alternative to the multi-racial orthodoxy and HenryVIII as an example of tyranny! This is propaganda.

The rulers have no sense of a future. You see this even in the North Sea oil which is squandered , but the Norwegians id not waste theirs. The Chinese and Indians are buying our companies and when they get the knowledge won’t want us but will take over industrially.

They have indoctrinated us for years to be tolerant which means passive and malleable!

The whole business of opening your country up is more than error of judgement - its morally wicked. The general population suffer because of it but the top don’t care and preen themselves because it shows how tolerant they are but the are not in it, but most people feel as though something has been done to them.

If they comment on the change of their town they are cruelly put down as “racists.” People instinctively feel that this wrong.

The rulers assume that strangers are automatically our friends but this not so. They might wan to pay us back for the past or with strength in numbers take over.

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