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The Terror Alliance

In my last article I stated that it is clear that the police are in league with Muslim extremists and that although we could disagree over their motives the intentions are clear. (1) It is clear from the following examples that they share the goal allowing Muslims to take over. I do not accept the standard explanation that the Caste is making mistakes or do not realise what they are doing. They might be frightened or decadent but they know what their actions are bringing about.
The traditional elites are actively promoting Islamification and the Socialist elites are in league with Muslim extremists. What holds these different elites together is their sharing the central ideas in the ideology and anti-racism is the main one. The trick is that by attacking “racists” or “ far-right extemists” it takes the public eye of the promotion or covering up for Muslim extremists. To put it bluntly they are creating a war for the ownership of our homeland and stealing our children’s inheritence. Remember as you read this that the security services and the media are allowing the development of Muslim extremism as well as terror cells by concentrating on “far-right extremists” and misleading the public into thinking there is as big a threat.(2)
The Daily Telegraph of August 10th revealed that the new security "strategy to tackle extremists is to focus on white racists.” This follows the police being ordered to go easy on Muslim terrorists. Scotland Yard warned last month that such groups could be planning a terrorist "spectacular" to stoke up racial tensions. This was a clear indication of the new tactics. Commander Shaun Sawyers, signalling the complicity of the security services with Muslim extremists and that they can carry on developing their terror structures because security services would focus on “Whites. When goes told Muslims that they are alright because we are equating "far-right extremists" with you to divert the public gaze while we allow you to continue developing terror structures.
The Met's counter-terrorism command has increased the number of officers in a special unit monitoring Right-wing extremists because of "the threat" as well as having members of al-Queda in the police. If you can not see partiality in that, gentle reader, I don’t know.
Shalid Malik said that aspects of the Government's approach to extremism have alienated some British Muslims.
The report, “Reassessing Prevent”, tries to shift the trror label to the BNP because of their election success in the European elections as well as 55 local councillors "underlines the fact that racial hatred and extremist ideology is not limited to any one faith or community". Comparing a defence of your people with terrorism shows the corrupt minds of these nonentities. Anna Turley, author of the report, said: "While Islamist extremism remains a very serious threat to our security, this kind of extremism is not the only threat to the stability and security of our communities." (3)
This is at the same time that the Telegraph warned of a European demographic time-bomb and just after Malik said that Muslims would take over. (4) This is why traitor Gordon Brown brought him back into Government despite his expenses scandal. Don’t forget Brown and Mandelson went to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in the first week of November 2008 to ask for billions for the International Monetary Fund and offered them some control over Britain and the West.
In The Eurabia Code Fjordman reveals: “...since 2006 is that European leaders are increasingly open about the idea of enlarging the EU to include the Arab world, although they do of course not present this as surrendering the continent to Islam. ... in 2002 Louis Michel, then Belgian minister of foreign affairs and today a member of the European Commission, told the Belgian parliament that the EU will eventually encompass North Africa and the Middle East as well as Europe.
Fjordman says:” EU leaders consider their people to be defeated and irrelevant. After the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty/European Constitution, the people no longer have a say and can safely be ignored. Open plans for a "Mediterranean Union" or "Union for the Mediterranean," which will include all EU member states, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, was launched in mid-2008, under some concern among Arabs that such a Union might normalize their relationship with Israel”
This came with plans for the creation of a "north-south co-presidency" and a permanent secretariat as well as the definition of a ''short-list'' of priority projects for the region. The European Commission proposes the creation of a co-presidency between the EU and a Mediterranean (Muslim) country, chosen with consensus for a two-year term. Brussels is
drawing the institutional profile of what will be called "Barcelona Process — A Union for the Mediterranean."

Writing in an Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, former Italian President Francesco Cossiga in 2008, admitted that the government of Italy in the 1970s agreed to allow Arab terrorist groups freedom of movement in the country in exchange for immunity from attacks. The government of Prime Minister Aldo Moro reached a "secret non-belligerence pact between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organizations, including terrorist groups." According to the former president, it was Moro himself who designed the terms of the agreement with the foreign Arab terrorists. "The terms of the agreement were that the Palestinian organizations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country, and they had freedom of entry and exit without being subject to normal police controls, because they were 'handled' by the secret services." As Interior Minister, Cossiga said that he learned PLO members in Italy had diplomatic immunity as representatives of the Arab League. "The Palestinian organizations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country."
This can only be seen as Jizya, and the practice has spread to the entire European Union, which pays the Palestinians tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of Euros annually.” (5)
Barclays Bank, has had almost £6 billion invested from Abu Dhabi and Qatar.
Islamist ideas are also spread through Islamic study centres attached to our universities. Professor Anthony Glees revealed eight universities — including Oxford and Cambridge — have accepted more than £233.5 million from Saudi and Muslim sources since 1995, spreading radicalism and creating two separate identities and sets of allegiance. Now the education system is being used to brainwash our children to excuse and encourage Muslim terrorism.
The elites showed their submission to Saudi ignored the law and abandoned the bribery investigation into the arms deal between Saudi Arabia and BAE systems when the Saudis threatened that, if the case was not dropped: ‘British lives on British streets’ would be at risk” - former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles. These are the controllers of terror groups in the West that EU officials are colluding with against the European people!
Muslim terrorists were welcomed into Britain and financed by state benefits. They needed to answer no questions and needed to show no papers and this began under Thatcher who herself lives safely in a gated community. They got free education, free health care even when they openly developed terrorist cells and trained bombers for active service in other parts of the world. These are boosted by a deceitful system called “Asylum.” Hardly any have any legal entitlement to enter this country but are allowed to stay and provided extra benefits we do not get like free cars, mobile phones and decorated houses. This is bribing them to come here. This was after the London bombing of 7/7. Can the authorities be innocent? Without this encouragement al-Queda could not have got into the West to launch bombing attacks like those in London and Madrid. It is truly ludicrous to think the authorities do not know what they are doing. The
Government also advertise in terrorist countries like Pakistan for immigrants to come here. In November 2006 a Foreign Office pamphlet adevertised: 'Multicultural Britain - A Land Of Immigrants'. It encourages immigrants to move here because of the Human Rights Act and well-paid jobs. The Foreign Office put it in our embassies across the world.
Behind the customary pretence of moral superiority is self-interst. Cherie Blaire is a human rights lawyer. No wonder immigration increased so much under Blair! In June 2004 it emerged that while Conservative leader Michael Howard was campaigning against asylum to win the General Election, he had investments in communications firm Incepta. A subsidiary company Citigate Lloyd Northover won two Home Office contracts to develop Websites and communications technology to speed up applications from immigrants to enter the UK. The company also profitted from the Immigration and Nationality Directorate website for the Government which eases the entrance and settling of asylum seekers.
Remember, the newspapers trying to cover up Muslim involvement in the Birmingham Street battles and blame the BNP or “far-right extremists” as the security services want, look at the terrorist involvement in Birmingham that follows because I accuse these lying journalists of covering up Muslim terrorism.
Eight young Muslim terrorists from Birmingham, London and Luton on active service were arrested in Aden in December 1998, planning terror attacks against British targets. p 82-3 The security services then claimed they had no idea that Muslim street soldiers were being recruited in British mosques and trained in terror camps! Do we believe them?
Lord Bingham, speech to Commonwealth Law Conference. 14 Sept. 2005
Of these terrorists one was Abu Hamzas son, another a godson! The authorities still allowed him to preach war against us in Finsbury Park mosque.
As far back as 1999 it was reported that around 2,000 British Muslims being trained in British terror camps, mainly in London and Birmingham. As well as studying Holy war the trainees were also taught hand-to-hand combat, survival skills for guerilla warfare and advised to get real military training in warzones like the Yemen and Afghanistan which they do because Birmingham accents have been heard by RAF Nimrod. (5)
Why did security services not see it coming? There were signs.
In December 2001 Richard Reid a supporter of al-Queda tried to detonate a shoe-bomb on a Paris to Miami aeroplane.
Activities of some BritishMuslims; In 2002, Ahmed Sheik, organised the kidnap and murder of Daniel Pearl in Pakistan.
Then Mohammed Hanif and Omar Shariff were involved in a suicide bomb attack in Tel Aiv.
Abu Qatada ran the Spanish, Milan and German al-Queda cells from London.
British-based terrorists have carried out operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Spain, and America. Many governments such as Jordanian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Spanish, French, and American have protested against our elites allowing the Islamist terrorist infrastructure and refusing to extradite wanted operatives.
The Muslim community shelters extremists and illegal immigrants. The reason they are attacking us is because we and Jews are their enemies.
Palestinian mores glorifies suicide bombers as ' shahid ' or martyrs and terrorism is part of the Palestinian mentality and many British Muslims hero worship them. In Britain they are bombers because of Ideology not social conditions. The extremists are middle class, Muslims born and educated in Britain. This is an “enemy within”, that does not have to invade because it was imported by our elites who pour tax payers money into their communities, such as Bradford, Burnley, Oldham and Keighley..
There is an alliance between Socialist-Totalitarians and Muslims. The Labour-Islam axis in Leeds used taxpayers' money to help finance the London suicide bombers. The Labour-run Council gave more than £125,000 to premises and projects used by the Edgware Road bomber to recruit and train his terror cell. The money was spent on building work and equipment at two Leeds properties used by the bombers, as well as on Al Qaeda away-days, including the whitewater-rafting trip used as the final 'bonding' activity for the bombers just before they planted the bombs. Edgware Road bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan received massive funding for four Leeds-based Muslim youth groups. He got £106,000 for the Leeds Community school, based in Beeston, where some of the bombs were made. The secrecy he needed for such activities was guaranteed by a council grant of £1,582 ”to improve security at the premises. Khan also raked in grants for the Iqra Learning Centre, a Muslim bookshop which distributed videos glorifying suicide bombers, and £16,000 for equipment for a Muslim boys only gym in the basement of a mosque in Hardy Street, Beeston, where he recruited two of the other 7/7 murderers, Shehzad Tanweer and Hassib Hussain. The gang went on away-day trips paid for by a £1,535 grant to the Youth Support Service to take Muslim youths on sporting activities and educational trips. It is not just a few extremists funded by taxpayers' money from Islamophile Labour councillors. At Shehzad Tanweer's memorial funeral in his home village in Pakistan, an estimated 10,000 mourners chanted Jihad, Jihad, Jihad and eulogised the suicide bomber.

How do the elites deal with Muslim professions of hatred for us? On 27 July 2005 BBC reporter Phil Mackie admitted on Radio 5 Brian Hayes 10 pm programme that the BBC censors the truth about Muslims and that the BBC is selective in its broadcasting of Muslim statements. The function of the media is to prepare the public for whatever measures the establishment plan to further the Muslim extremists interest as the examples of lies about the Battle of birmingham inthe Mirror show and by Sarah:Maid of Albion catching the mail lying. (6)
Anyone protesting peacefully, or opposing Islamification is labelled far right

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