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I Am the Slime Oozing Out From Your TV Set

In the comparatively innocent days of 1972, “I am the Slime oozing out From Your TV Set” by Frank Zappa was an attack on capitalist control of people through television. A lot has come into the light since 1972 and we are now aware of the real nature of the war being waged against us by the ruling elites using psychological manipulation instead of declaring war. It is done by deceit; free speech and thinking is suppressed to further the fantasy of everyone uniting in worldwide racial harmony and moving populations around for the practical purpose of cheap labour. There is always a gap between the ideals and reality.

The Sun online on January 14th, reported that the British government has published guidelines for the media calling for certain words to be dropped and the suppression of stories about non-white crime. Words to be suppressed: “immigrant,” “illegal immigrant,” “illegal asylum seeker,” “bogus asylum seeker,” “non-white,” “non-Christian,” “mixed race,” “half-caste,” “mulatto.”

Further, people must not be identified by race or religion. (Race and religion are the bedrock of identity). The media is told to give racial minorities preferential treatment in hiring to have a more “multi-racial” staff. They are told to portray ethnic minorities in a more positive light. When discussing public opinion always use quotes from ethnic minorities. Follow their taboos: learn what local ethnic minorities don’t like and then omit these things from your paper.

Encourage White Britons to embrace elements of third world immigrant cultures. Promote and glorify the holidays, customs, and religious beliefs of non-white immigrant cultures.

Expose “racists.” The government document explicitly tells those in the media to portray minorities in a more positive light while holding white “racists” up to ridicule. The guidelines are not a legal requirement but people are already prosecuted for so-called “hate speech” - speaking out against Islamic immigration.

We are being brainwashed by the schools and the media into unnatural ways of thinking and acting. Schools as "re-education" camps like the American programme to re-educate Germany after the war led by Frankfurt School guru Theodore Adorno.

We have to be very clear about the intentions of the elites who are trying to destroy us. While this propaganda is used to pacify us for our demise they are also bringing people in to push us out of our communities. This is an attempt to dispossess the indigenous people of Britain and replace us with what Marx called “A reserve army of labour.”

The Dail Mail of 23rd February: “Labour encouraged mass immigration even though it knew that people opposed it, and that is an attack on the people. Whitehall documents show. The trick that has been used to shame us into being pushed out was deliberately employed again. The propaganda was the public disagreed with immigration because of 'racism' and ministers were told to try to alter public attitudes.” This is what has been going on since the 1960s.

“The thinking on immigration among Labour leaders was set down in 2000 in a document prepared for the Cabinet Office and the Home Office, but the key passages were suppressed before it was published. The paper was finally disclosed under freedom of information rules. It showed that ministers were advised that only the ill-educated and those who had never met a migrant were opposed to immigration. They were also told that large-scale immigration would bring increases in crime, but they concealed these concerns from the public. These have showed that Labour aimed to use immigration not only for economic reasons but also to change the social make-up of the country”

Ebay banned the sale of a “Dads army” game because it mentions Nazis and is therefore “racially offensive”! We are being controlled in our thoughts and in our actions, subliminally, but that will change as people become more conditioned and indoctrinated school leavers enter the herd. We live in a sterilised world that hates individualism and non conformity. Everyone has to think the correct things – dissent is not tolerated.

I was in Cambridge and Cheltenham libraries where they allow people to eat while using the computers and censor what political or cultural sites people can read. When I told an official at Cambridge that it is disgusting to have to listen to people eating while using a computer, she replied: ”We are trying to be inclusive”! This is an everyday example of how impractical the dominant ideology is. Food can damage computers and could also spread infections if undetected in the keyboard! They mindlessly follow current political fashion and fear thinking for themselves.

One of the media for manipulating people is advertising. "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)" was a major hit from a 1971 Coca Cola television commercial. The song ostensibly sends a message of multi-racial harmony through multi racial collection of teenagers singing harmoniously on top of a hill. But another motive was opening up world markets. In the eighties Coca Cola became the identity of American cultural imperialism under the name “Coca Colonisation.” Wiser now we realise that the U.S. was herself under attack from Globalists.

Another “The united colours of Benneton” showed youths of every colour singing in unison. The idea was to subvert stereotypes but race and behaviour are not stereotypes – they are real! The adverts follow the Soviet principle of showing things how elites wish they were - happy multiracial societies. Attempts to force different types of people together leads to misery as in the South African Rainbow nation where, since its inauguration, at least 3091 White South African farmers have been genocidally murdered, but this is kept out of the media.

Benetton’s actual products were left out of the advertisements for pure political propaganda. These examples are of Capitalism and Communism uniting for the idealistic notion of a one world living in harmony and increased profits by breaking down boundaries.

In their own case though, Benetton bought Mapuche lands in Patagonia and evicted the Curiñanco-Nahuelquir family from their land after Benetton's claim to it, but the land was restored in 2007. They planned to use RFID tracking chips on clothes to monitor inventory. It is claimed the tracking chips "can be used to monitor the people wearing them." Benetton used to buy wool from farmers who practiced mulesing - a surgical operation that removes of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the buttocks. Since PETA threatened to boycott them Benetton now buys non mulesed wool and urges the wool industry to adopt the PETA and Australian Wool Growers Association agreement to end mulesing.

Revisionists like Gramsci had realised that the working classes were not following Marx and the way to subvert Western civilisation was through the culture. They took over education and teachers training colleges and also jettisoned Marx’s economic arguments leaving the way open for corporations to use group rights in their entitlements programmes couched in politically correct language and sponsor fashionable causes. In the 1960’s the slogans of The New Left were “Everything is political” and “The personal is political.” They wanted to “change attitudes” and “ consciousness.” These are the seeds of the nascent totalitarian state we are in.

In 1997 British Airways dropped the Union Flag from their aircraft but after protests reinstated it two years later.

A few years back there was an ad on the BBC about not paying the TV licence. The licence dodgers portrayed were white. The public information films and ads about swine flu depict only white people sneezing or wiping germs onto common surfaces etc. In one nauseating example a white man sneezes in a lift just before a black couple get in.

"Only fools and Horses" portrayed white muggers in the Batman and Robin episode. Michael Caine’s new film Brave Harry Brown depicts members of the gang he pursues as White to kid the public multi-racialism is not dysfunctional.

The soaps and dramas show what they wish was happening. An episode of Spooks depicted the “racist” harassing Indians. We see this with the projection of their aims in adverts like for dreams beds where a black man is shown with a White woman and this image is in very branch of my bank. They are trying to wipe Whites out.

We are constantly bombarded with campaigns to make us believe that 'ethnics' are part of our culture and heritage. History is rewritten, 'ethnic' actors enact roles in historical programmes to create the impression they have always been here, and children and unthinking adults sub consciously take this in.

The masses are diverted from reality by reality shows. These, coupled with a sophisticated conditioning campaign, ethnic minorities being shown positively in every advertisement, are lulling the population into believing that all in the garden is rosy when the threat to our civilisation is growing.

There is a photo showing Stephen Lawrence doing the black power fist but the establishment present him as a saint as they do Martin Luther King. Gang tribal wars are not helping. There is a huge amount of factual evidence that clearly shows the damage brought by immigrants to our society, but the moment a white British person mentions they are dehumanised by being labelled racist and persecuted.

There are no police checks on immigrants entering Britain , only when they commit a crime do the police check –it doesn't matter about the people who suffer at the hands of these criminals. The elites ignore our human rights.

A vehicle for mind altering is soaps. They present scenarios in which they play out the stereotypes of evil white racists and kindly, honest and capable blacks - constantly hammering home the ideology by auto-suggestion.

A perverted form is where young girls- who are avid TV watchers - are led astray by suggestions for how they should behave - what is acceptable in society, what is unacceptable. These "soaps" are supposed to reflect real life. The slime that is spewed out beggars belief.

TV teaches youngsters how to behave to be liked. There are programs to instruct you 'how to eat right, how to think right, how to exercise right, how to dress right and what sort of person is desirable.

TV also creates people’s belief of what is happening in the world. Eastenders some years ago showed two young white actresses mugging with violence a much respected elderly black actor, how often do you think this happens on our streets? I stopped watching TV because of how they portray the English. It is a revised-Marxist subversion of our values and traditions like our families and communities. All that gives our lives meaning must be destroyed for prospective multi racial utopia. Give up watching TV. It is easy: there are so many rewarding things to do, particularly with your children who need starting on the right path in this world of cultural elites corrupting the young.

The fact that the vast majority of racist violence is directed at whites is something which even the most brainwashed of liberals find difficult to refute so they keep it quiet.

The British crime survey 2006 shows that in the most serious categories of racial attacks- woundings and murders, out of 24,000 incidents, 20,000 were committed against whites. At the same time we are told we don't exist as a race. This Establishment ideology permeates everything while working towards a goal: to suppress, crush, humiliate, rob of identity, rob of respect and eradicate the true people of Britain - the new Kulak class!

Britain is reduced to warring tribes instead of a nation. As witnessed in towns and cities murder and stabbings are committed for no apparent reason. Most of these crimes are ethnic 'majorities' fighting for territory.

Reality differs vastly from the orthodox ideology that is propagandised. The importation of cheap labour from abroad puts our own people at a disadvantage but is hidden by the glossy Multi-Culti adverts. According to official statistics, one in five adults in Britain is out of work. These statistics reveal that there is well over 8 million people who are declared “economically inactive”, which is a record number according to the Office of National Statistics.

People who are labelled as “economically inactive” are students, the retired, parents who stay at home with children, the long term sick, and unsurprisingly, people who have simple given up looking for non-existent jobs. Before you get the wrong idea, the 8.05 million does not include the 2.46 million unemployed. When you add these together, it really puts things into perspective. Presently 21.2 per cent of the entire British adult population are out of work.

This revelation came as it was also claimed that the unemployment figure fell by 7,000 in the three months to November 2009, and now currently stands at 2.47 million.

In fact there are two main reasons why the figure has fallen: Firstly, people are becoming desperate and are willing to work for low pay and shorter hours to keep their jobs, which many families as a result will feel the impact of lower incomes for years to come, as a record breaking 1.03 million are working part time because it is impossible to secure full time work.

Secondly, the fall in unemployment is also a result of the rise in the “economically inactive” people, including school leavers who have chosen to go to college rather than spending many months looking for work which isn’t there.

And while the government try and improve their public image by boasting about the fall in unemployment families struggle on extremely low wages. What is even more worrying is that 27% of people who do have work, work in the public sector which is leading financial services at 16%.

The net increase in private sector jobs since 1997 is nil but 2.1 million jobs in the public sector were created, 1.2 million of which went to workers from overseas.

David Cox

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