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Putting Meaning back into the World

In the undeclared war to replace British people and their culture with a multi-racial society the elites blame “Whites” for all evils including their own dispossession. They are scapegoats manipulated by guilt and blame themselves for corporations importing cheap labour. “We won’t do the dirty jobs” they have been trained to think by education and the media. This is hogwash for in reality if they refuse a job they lose their benefits.

Socialists live in the past instead of learning from history. The Jarrow Crusade is a famous and noble event in modern British history. It was a march of 200 unemployed men to parliament petitioning for assistance for those unemployed. There is a bridge over The Tyne to Newcastle being constructed and the French firm with the contract has imported most of the labour from France and other European countries yet I was told by the landlady of a pub near by:” The ones who complain are the ones who don’t want to work.”

They are kept passive with state benefits while in Jarrow, once again, a “high unemployment area,” work goes to foreigners. The re-development of Liverpool was carried out by largely imported cheap labour.

Modern ideas are formulated by unworldly academics when a practical activity like politics requires experience of life and a knowledge of human nature. A student of “Human Geography” told me she likes the exotic communities in her native London and visits for a meal or to watch a cultural show. But this is the surface of life; the deep side of life is rearing families and developing communities. She goes there as a spectator to sample delights and returns home like a tourist.

This shows how “progressives” see the situation as static but it is not it is dynamic. The immigrants have human nature like us and bring it with them. They replicate their cultures here and prosecute loyalties to their own and grudges against other groups which is why the immigration of Muslims is leading to attacks on Jewish people in Europe and as they grew stronger a New Holocaust which the elites are fostering. As I have written elsewhere, agreements like The European-Mediterranean Partnership heralds the New Holocaust and people of Jewish antecedents like Sarkozy and David Milliband are bringing it on their own people in Europe. Jewish communities must rebel against their myopic leaders to save themselves and their children.

The young student has been taught the Marxist idea that people are social constructs and have no essential human nature which is a new version of the old body and mind duality. Is the mind separate from the body? In fact the two interact with the male and female genes respectively affecting thought and behaviour patterns. Culture is also interactive. We create a culture through our genes and new generations are born into it and moulded by it.

This is at the heart of our loss of touch with reality. We are taught that men and women are empty vessels but in our private lives assess people we meet else get taken advantage of while our public lives are conducted in a naïve and unworldly way.

On the surface we are socially constructed as the young students views were, or in fashion which is different now from say 10 years ago, a century ago or 2,000 years ago; but human nature is produced by genetic inheritance and unchangeable or we would not understand classic literature and The Bible.

It had never occurred to her that we are being de-cultured. She had not heard this before and was perplexed and searching round to find a stereotype for me. Are you a racist? This is the negative category they have been trained to slot us into. Students are educated out of using natural common sense.

By pretending everyone is malleable with no essential human nature they convince themselves that all is under control and we are developing into a harmonious multi-racial utopia. This type of abstract thinking grew out of The Enlightenment and first showed its potential in The French Revolution.

The working classes have been trained by the media with constant slander (1)As far back as 1955 workers who tried to defend their jobs were suppressed by the state as the 1955 strike of bus workers in West Bromwich , in protest against the employment of an Indian conductor! When the National Health Service and London Transport were being developed if thy needed labour they should have improved conditions and increased pay structures not imported cheap labour. The British capitalist class have always done this and we read about Irish workers being imported to break strikes for better conditions in Mrs.Gaskell’s classic novel Mary Barton. They should learn from history after the trouble they caused by importing labour like Tamils into Sri Lanka to produce rubber.

On 20th January 1955 when immigration from Jamaica was 11,000 a year, Conservative Cyril Osborne(later knighted) had written to the London Times,” But the present West Indian and West African invasion is a mere trickle of what we must expect, because as the law now stands everyone born in the Commonwealth is entitled to come to this country. What shall we do when the millions living in the bigger areas decide to emigrate?” At the second reading of the Commonwealth Immigration Bill (1961) Osborne warned “that the world’s poor would swarm to Britain’s welfare honey pot. We have neither the room nor the resources to take all who would like to come.” Both sides of the House laughed at him and called him Fascist.” We are seeing this now with boats leaving Africa for Europe.

Eminent economist Professor Ezra Mishan exposed immigration as being about cheap labour in the 1960s. He wrote in The Salisbury Review in 1988: “Frequent claims that the new immigrants have in fact reduced the labour shortage in particular sectors of the economy – in particular, the apparent shortages of labour in transport, in nursing, and in what are popularly to be the more menial and less attractive occupations- are naïve. Managers of public services in Britain who, along with some private firms, sent agents to the West Indies in the 1950’s in order to recruit labour were only acting as good capitalists would in such circumstances – attracting lower-paid labour from outside their area in order to prevent wages from rising within it. If it was not for that wages would have risen.”

The elites are creating what Marx called “A reserve army of labour.” In November 2006 it emerged that the Government were advertising for immigrants to come here. A Foreign Office pamphlet declares: 'Multicultural Britain - A Land of Immigrants'. It encourages immigrants to move here because of the preferential treatment they get under the Human Rights Act and well-paid jobs. The Foreign Office put it in embassies across the world.

In a book review for the Salisbury Review of Spring 2003 Sir Alfred Sherman, former senior advisor to Mrs Thatcher and leader writer on the Jewish Chronicle, recalled a friend in race relations had asked him to take a look at the reception areas of Deptford and Southall in the mid 60’s, “ I was horrified. My natural vague sympathies for the immigrants, strangers in a foreign land, was replaced by strong but hopeless sympathy for the British victims of mass immigration, whose home areas were being occupied. I was made aware of a disquieting evolution in “Establishment” attitudes towards what they called immigration or race relations and I dubbed “colonialisation.” The well-being and rights of immigrants and ethnic minorities had become paramount. The British working classes, hitherto the object of demonstrative solicitude by particularly the New Establishment on the left, but the working classes had acquired new status as the enemy, damned by the all-purpose pejorative “racists.” The transformation of Southall was brought about by Wolf’s rubber factory encouraging workers from India.

They use abstract pejoratives to justify doing the opposite. The new elites detest competition and advocate co-operation to suppress male aggression as part of their feminisation programme. Leo McKinsty commented on our Olympic achievements in the Daily Mail of 20 August 2008: "Over the past weekend, our sailors, cyclists, swimmers and rowers won an unprecedented eight gold medals, by far the greatest haul by Britons in two days in a century of Olympic competition...Of the 14 heroes pictured on the front page of yesterday's Mail, six were educated at independent schools… nor is this some statistical anomaly. The disproportionate Olympic success of privately educated contestants has been an enduring pattern in recent years....Equality of outcome is the central theme of the politically correct British state. The concept of a talented elite is despised rather than celebrated.

The new elites loathe male authority and attack masculinity as patriarchy. They see the main enemy as white racism and this justifies disadvantaging white pupils. No other ethnic group can be racist because they are sentimentally categorised as victims of our oppression and require "special needs". While we are blamed as oppressors we are being oppressed at school as children are told their views could be offensive. What this really means is what they are doing does not fit into to the totalitarian ideological orthodoxy.

Old fashioned categories like opposing immigration are no longer applicable because massive and uncontrolled immigration for social engineering and cheap labour take our territory so we are actually defending ourselves against colonisation.

When we were homogeneous we trusted one another and the police did not need to be armed; we are in a surveillance state and have totalitarian race laws to oppress us.

To control thought totalitarians redefine words and change the meaning of legal terms. Sir Ronald Bell told W.I.S.E. in 1981: “… a discriminating person was someone to be admired. People have been brainwashed into thinking that it is a bad word except when native inhabitants are being handicapped. That is now called positive discrimination, and is deemed a good thing.”

We need to develop a new political vocabulary to express what is happening to us and how we see the world and describe human nature and why this rules out a successful multi-racial society. The Welsh have it right in their great anthem “Land of my Fathers”. Country is vapid but land means something. The ruling bureaucrats of the E.U. and our regional Government are restricting our vocabularies through P.C. so that we speak and think in the way they want us to. We can not express our sufferings in PC terminology because the words are essentially biased against our interests like the young student who could not understand what I said but had to apply the connotative term “racist” to me. A connotative word carries a set of associations or connotations above the literal meaning. Only “Whites” are classed as racist!

The terms “narrow-minded” and “bigot” are only applied to traditional views while narrow-minded multi-racial bigots are presented as morally superior! I recently tried to talk to one from Bingham about villages becoming dormitory places where young locals could not afford to buy or rent property because of weekend dwellers. I asked what had caused it and he replied rich people from London and Manchester. I pointed out that in the big cities this is caused by pressure from asylum seekers and the birth rate of immigrants and that the government is bringing them at a rate of 1500 a day. I replied I get my information from government documents in The Public Records Office. This threatened his fixed view of the world and he stormed out of the room in a perfect show of “narrow-minded bigotry!”

Society is an old liberal term and we must speak of ourselves as “communities” and a British community. All communities grow out of collective human nature. Today's view of persons interacting in societies originated with Enlightenment philosophy - people are equal, interchangeable units of production and consumption with differences of race, nationality, culture, gender and ability seen as social constructs and impediments to social harmony.

Real people are not abstractions like “equals” or “humanity” but Englishmen and Frenchmen and women, Indians etc. Burke, Thucydides and Confucius all stressed the importance of human nature. Our loyalties like those of immigrants” … begin (with) our public affections in our families... we pass on to our neighbourhoods" this expands outwards to our nation. Men and women have distinctive and individual identities within their inherited collective identity. We belong to our kin above strangers and this affects the type of community we create.

The family, locality and nation, are parts of a natural, organic state as opposed to an artificial one based on planning. The French Revolution, like the Soviet, Maoist and Cambodian, were attempts to recreate human nature and refashion a people. The modern world is dominated by artificial empires, Global corporations and bureaucracies, which treat human beings as abstract entities. However, tribalism is returning and the future belongs to these human scale structures which develop over time not instant and artificial creations.

Burke’s famous definition of society is that it was a continuous community of the living, the dead and those who are yet to be born. Each man and woman is part of a larger body. The individual dies, but descendents live on. Tradition is a surer guide to action than abstract reason and our parents advice received from their parents before them is better than a rationalist formulae in a “How to …book.” Modern society believes change is always better than what exists and the past is obsolete. But we inherit what we are and what have from our ancestors and have a duty to pass it on to our descendents not dissipate amongst the rest of the world.

A nation's manners, its morals, its religions and political institutions, its social structure, are inherited from ancestors and grow out of the character of the people at that time. Government from Brussels, economic control by Global corporations, and Afro-Asian colonization is part of a new dream for an ideal future; but in practice it is disinheriting our children to whom we are morally obliged to pass on the inheritance.

It is the ceding of territory to the colonialists that shows the weakness and effeteness of our rulers. Throughout history wars have been fought for territory and by allowing newcomers to stake claims our girly elites are encouraging them to fight for more. In The territorial Imperative Robert Ardry explains how much having a country has boosted Israelis. Our rulers are doing this for invaders and this changes our relationship to them.

We obliged to put our nation first, as we do with our families, even when outsiders and foreigners are more in need of our help. Charity should begin at home but if people wish to donate money to foreign causes they should be allowed to do so but supporting outsiders against our own kind is a moral evil.


1) This is a classic piece of propaganda from contractor UK for cheap labour that blames the workers for the corporations using cheap labour.

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