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Transferring Power to Others

We are living under in a tyranny and those with power and treat White Britons as something potentially dangerous and therefore in need of oppression, even dispossession. The attack on working class people for example is cultural as they financially propped up by welfare benefits; their mental needs with laid on entertainments – but there is a constant message that they are no good. The important thing is to learn who they are and where they belong and to value themselves. This is what has been called The Culture wars. It is the destruction of our traditional society for a plan of a global utopia. Its promoters see it as progress, liberation from past prejudices and restraints.

The fact is, this nation is being changed. It is becoming more Asian, West Indian, African etc. If the self-declared 'libertarians' and democracy lovers really think this country will be a pleasant place to live under these circumstances they are seriously deluded. All the evidence is there: inter-ethnic violence, voting fraud and commitment to political parties that look after their ethnic interests.

The selfish middle classes who adopted a morally superior attitude when the working classes were being pushed out now find their own children beginning to lose. Former Conservative MP George Walden wrote of how we are being replaced in “Immigration is Fine For the Rich”(Times of 5th November 2006):” We hadn’t got far in a Today programme discussion of my new book “Time to Emigrate?” … Slurs about racism I expected. Instead I was accused of favouring eugenics, a more original interpretation of my thesis, for which there is no evidence in the book… hinting that you are a neo-Nazi for raising the issue of excessive immigration is pushing it.

The previous day the Office for National Statistics (ONS) had announced some startling new figures: Britain was taking in 1,500 immigrants a day, while 1,000 Brits left. Which rather confirmed the central premise of my book: that more people were moving out as well as in, and that a growing number of emigrants — by no means necessarily racists — were quitting because of the numbers coming in.”

Migration Watch has had the truth revealed released official documentation. Whitehall has had to release papers revealing that labour implemented a secret plan to relax border controls to change Britain. A memo written for Blair in 2000, shows that the Government’s strategy was to “open up migration” so they could achieve “social objectives.” Ministers kept this hidden from the public.

Weakness and sentimentality got us in this mess. The young don't know it but they have been corrupted and weakened by emasculate talk of compassion and tolerance.

The new elites promote a version of progress and see the past as obsolete. Edmund Burke accurately summed these dreamers up: “ You think you are combating prejudice but you are at war with nature.”

The attitude of the current batch of moral and intellectual inferiors who control public life is to transfer power away from their descendents to rival communities.

To try and understand the mentality of the new elites who are having their own people pushed out look at Roy Hattersley’s article in The Guardian of 8 April 2005: “I took the votes of Birmingham Muslims for granted.” … But if, at any time between 1964 and 1997 I heard of a Khan, Saleem or Iqbal who did not support Labour I was both outraged and astonished. My presumption was justified. It was the Muslim vote - increased by an influx of families from Kashmir, the Punjab and other parts of Birmingham - which expanded my majority from barely 1,200 to more than 12,000.

... Back in Birmingham this week it was clear that the Khans, Saleems and Iqbals have developed a new - and more healthy - attitude towards politics... The change has not produced quite the results which the pundits anticipated. When I represented Sparkbrook, Mustaq's was a corner grocery shop. Now it is a huge glass and stainless steel emporium owned by Mustaq Food Machinery Limited - an international company which exports throughout Europe from its showroom on the other side of the road.

... Nobody to whom I spoke during my visit to Birmingham chose to talk about the postal vote rigging which had been exposed and condemned the previous day. Reaction to my own inquiries confirmed the reason for their reticence. The six corrupt councillors happened to be Muslim“. This is an aspect of “progressive” thinking. They split subject and form. In this case religion is separated from behaviour and work from worker. Work here is part of our inheritance as our ancestors created the industries and should be indivisible from British workers not treat the global populations as interchangeable.

That is a mix of self-interest and a failure to understand human nature. The ethnic minorities are not just abstract categories to be sentimentally labelled as “Victims” to be empowerd they are loyal to their people and are here to make it. What they do used to be done by our people. The authorities act as if the two are interchangeable. Why are we no longer doing it? We are losing our skills because the elites are selling our industries to foreign countries who when have our technology and will not want us.

When we inherited England we inherited the obligations and responsibilities not just the benefits and it is reprehensible to invite outsiders in to empower them while passing Race Laws to oppress White Britons. This deprives our descendents and leaves them without.

This involves deculturation which causes depression and a sense of futility. Nothing is worth doing. It turns the victim against his own people to get what they want that way instead of earning it because of the loss of self worth. We don’t belong, are out of place and fail to re-produce as we see no future. There are several ways this is effected – encouraging homosexuality, abortion and careerism. Nothing to strive for and this is happening increasingly to young people who have imported cheap labour to compete with and now the young middle classes as half the medical school graduates are Asian. It is the loss of energy and interest in life from the destruction of community and traditional roots.

It leads to escape in drink where they can feel important and fantasies compensate for our dispossession and reduced status and drugs to create an artificial refuge to numb reality. It is like a permanent state of dehumanisation as they feel unreal and need substances to give a sense of reality. Almost every day on public transport you can smell skunk wafting down from upstairs and see youngsters on recreation and waste ground drinking liquor bought from off licenses. There are not enough cultural links left to anchor people in their communities which they are being pushed out of by the attempt to destroy what we are. Immigration benefits those at the top who justify it with utopian ideals but destroys everyone else. Andrew Neather revealed that the elites did this deliberately and Cameron wants us to bring in Africans with aids! How they must hate White Britons to want to destroy them and put them t risk of killer diseases when there is no need. Cameron also wants indigenous people to adopt immigrants ways!

The immigrants have left their own countries and are replicating their culture here and our young are assimilating to it. They don’t know who or what they are and although most will grow out of it they have no real cultural community where they belong.

We have become preoccupied with diversion – non-stop entertainment all laid on an involving no personal creativity, inability to sustain relationships. The elites have introduced 24 hour drinking and super casinos to divert us and destroy us. The spiritual life has been replaced by abstract political ideologies; our way of life by artificial substitutes

We have basic needs like food, drink, air, shelter, but there are also emotional needs like secure bonds of affection and esteem within either immediate relationships and spiritual needs, the deep need to belong to a particular people sharing inherited genetic patterning of the mind which both produces a culture and needs it for sustenance. We live in it and it lives in us. This is known as a culture or civilisation and if deprived of this one becomes listless, aimless or hyperactive in the search for diversion

We are the products of this evolution in not only our own being but all around are extensions of us. Our towns, cities, villages and the countryside we visit. We are part of the same arrangement as the locals in those places. It is produced by our genes and then moulds the newborn giving them something of their own and somewhere to belong.

In cities like Birmingham and London indigenous people have no sense of community and seek substitutes in small groups in pubs which peer suspiciously at those they do not know. They have taken refuge in small groups of people who know each other. This is matched by the destruction of the family. For years the elites through both ruling parties have socially engineered this by such as tax incentives to single parents.

Young people form communities of type and this is encouraged by their favourite type of music to give them substitute identities because they don’t now what they are

The elites’ belief in Nazis is part of the moral understucture of the ruling ideology. It is how they soften us up to be taken over by immigrants. Our moral core is that we inherited a natural way of life and it has only been changed because it has been corrupted. Our strength is that this is ours by natural descent and was bequeathed to us naturally. This our tradition - not weakness in the face of danger excused as tolerance. It is our duty to maintain it - not a right or privilege.

We owe it to our ancestors out of reverence and owe it to future generations out of duty. Even if we do not personally like something such as folk music, we have a duty to preserve them. It is for each to do according to their capacities. It does not need justifying it is our natural birthright. We must not let others encroach upon our proprietorship as the weak are always overtaken by the strong. It is morally bad to willingly default on one’s duty to the descendents.

These are first principles and trump the liberal empiricism of letting anyone have a go as if they are interchangeable with us. This is alright in industry when they just want “hands” to do a job; but society is an organic growth not a utilitarian system. The organic society recognises other aspects of our natures not just “getting and spending.”

On 27 July 2005, BBC reporter Phil Mackie admitted on Radio 5 Brian Hayes 10 pm programme that the BBC censors the truth about Muslims and that the BBC is selective in its broadcasting of Muslim statements. The function of the media is to prepare the public for whatever measures the establishment plan to further the Muslim extremists’ interests.

The default position is anti-British and what was normal, healthy patriotism is now demonised as “far-right” and patriots are subject to slander and discrimination.

Home Secretary Roy Jenkins introduced race laws and the Soviet style agency of Inquisition, the forunner to The Equalities Commission, the Commission for Racial Equality to ensure preferential treatment for other racial groups over whites. Biographer John Campbell revealed that Jenkins believed: “That immigration was good for Britain and if people resisted they should be socially engineered into accepting it.”

Home Office minister Beverley Hughes was found to be approving visa claims from Eastern Europe despite warnings they were using forged documents. Lin Homer was chief executive of Birmingham city council and presided over what investigator Judge Mawrey called “massive, systematic and organised fraud” in an election campaign. It made a mockery of the election and he ruled that not less than
1,500 votes had been cast fraudulently in the city. She was later appointed chief of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate.

The Government advertise in terrorist countries like Pakistan for immigrants to come here. In November 2006 a Foreign Office pamphlet advertised: “Multicultural Britain — A Land of Immigrants.” It stated that immigrants should immigrate here because of the Human Rights Act would protect them and well-paid jobs were available for them. The Foreign Office put the document “Ethnic Diversity” in British embassies across the world.

We have to get involved in every aspect of life - local organisations, folk societies, school governors and home schooling and start our own credit unions. We need to form committees like alternative councils with proper banking and verified officers and proper banking to counter having our communities taken off us.

Gypsies buy a field from a farmer, descend on it, get the concrete down then move in. It is a fait accompli. An idea was put forward in The Spectator of 17th December 2005 by conservative philosopher Roger Scruton: “Neighbours should club together to buy small parcels of land from any desperate farming neighbour, thereafter renting it back to him at a peppercorn rent. This we have done in our neighbourhood, so saving ourselves both from travellers and agribusiness, by injecting needed capital into a family farm… If we wish to retain our countryside, it is up to us who live there to make the necessary sacrifices.” This applies to forming collectives to buy property in our towns and cities.

The ownership of land gives power to these rival communities. When the authorities bend he rules to allow them to take things off us they are allowing new people to take over. This is clearly shown in the territorial claim involved in building “Islamic Communities” as in Dudley and London. The authorities over ride local communities to give power and influence over them to immigrants by granting planning permission.


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